A Look Inside the Architectural Digest Home Design Show

Yesterday the Architectural Digest Home Design show opened its doors for a to the trade only preview. Pier 94 was packed yet again with vendors, furniture makers, artists and decorators alike to preview some new design trends and original creations. Looking back on the day it is definitely the cooky and unique that stood out.

This was the display for a deck refinishing company, but it was tis canopy that caught out eye. It reminded me of our Sardinia Day Bed.

Some fun pieces with a worldly charm.

The above are all reproductions from France.

It’s always cool to go and see the products in person and meet the artisans; we always leave feeling really inspired.

This particular designer, Eren Yorulamazer, had a really striking installation. I love the color combinations and his innovative use of upholstery.

That little guy up there (Jack?) is a champion show dog, but he preferred to shy away from the camera and let his human friend’s AMAZING pieces take center stage.

Mirrored furniture, cowhides and outrageous chandeliers categorized this particular station.

That mirror is pretty spectacular. Can’t wait till we sort through all the new vendors we met to have it for yourself? Well, it bares a pretty striking resemblance to our Extra Large Venetian Mirror.

Some antique flags made for a great treat to look at.

And that purple chair made a very chic (and comfortable) landing pad. Walking up all those aisles in new shoes was not the wisest of choices.

The above cabinet was a fun piece with a little unexpected pop. The below chandeliers were off the charts amazing.

Finally, a fireplace fit for a New York City apartment! This little guy runs completely on bio fuel, which you can apparently get at the grocery store.

Like the gift fair, there was also a handmade section featuring art work and sculptures. The below was particularly interesting, check out the detail on the peacock’s head.

There was a lot of fun and interesting people that we ran into along the way, one of which, artist Mark Carson English, had some really incredible oil paintings. I was so enthralled with the pieces I completely forgot to snap a few photos, so the below are from his website.

The above, Kiss The Butterfly, would look great in a little girls room and To The Finish, can really go just about anywhere.

But ultimately we were there for the furniture and home decor and there was lots to be seen.

Friday to Sunday is open to the public so anyone in the New York area should go ahead and check it out. Visit the show’s website for greater information.
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