A Well Appointed HomeTM: High Society Star Tinsley Mortimer

Wednesday night High Society debuted on the CW and if you weren’t one of the many who tuned in, here is what you missed: high drama, fabulous people in fabulous dresses, a thrown shot of Jameson and some great real estate.  Translation: It’s our new favorite show.

The show primarily follows socialite Tinsley Mortimer and her glamourous crowd, which includes her sister Dabney Mercer and mother Dale Mercer.

 Tinsley Mortimer
 Dabney Mercer
 Mother Dale Mercer
 The sisters shopping in New York City
Tinsley and Dabney are known for their flair for all things stylish, and with a mother as tasteful as Dale its not hard to see why.  Dale is actually an interior designer who is responsible for Tinsley’s old Upper East Side apartment.  Take a look at some photos below.
Throughout the spread Mortimer matched her dress to the room.  That modern sofa makes this very traditional room look fresh and new.  Large pillows, like the one she is resting on, makes a an impact bigger than their square inches.  Check out our decorative pillows section for further inspiration.

 Mortimer is said to be a descendent of Thomas Jefferson, she certainly looks like she is getting in touch with her roots in her apartment.  Snag the look here with our two tiered rectangular coffee table.

 Love the personalized touches in the monogram linens.

 That wallpaper in the background is so artful yet doesn’t overpower the room.  The below picture is too cute for words.  I don’t know what’s better, her pose or that headboard!

 The headboard’s pattern is carried on through the wallpaper in the closet.  Her closest is great, but we’re more curious what’s inside those shelves…  Be sure to check out our Blue and White Collection to snag her signature look.

The premise of the show surrounds Tinsley starting a new chapter in her life, as she has just split up with her husband, Topper Mortimer.  She’s moved from the Upper East Side apartment pictured above and into a new space in midtown.  The one bright light of this all? She gets to keep the furniture! We will be tuning in next week to see how she takes her traditional furniture and make it work in her new life as a single gal!
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