Bravo’s New Show 9 By Design Premiers Tomorrow!

Ahh, reality TV, the guiltiest of guilty pleasures, but when related to the arts and fashion, we can write it off as educational viewing.  Bravo, who brought us our favorite OCD house-flipper, Jeff Lewis, now brings us a decorating duo who brings balancing work and family to a whole other level. 9 By Design is the story of Bob and Courtney Novogratz, the owners of the Manhattan based design firm Sixx Design.  On top of having a successful design firm, the two also are the proud parents of Wolfgang, 12, twins Bellamy and Tullulah 10, Breaker 8, twins Five and Holleder 4, and at the end of the first episode Courtney will go into labor with their ninth, a son named major.

The couple’s design aesthetic is without a doubt downtown chic, with a cozy, lived in feel (and how could you not get that with seven kids?).  The Novogratz duo started off  by buying a property on West 19th street for $450,000 and now own properties all around lower manhattan, with the latest ones being put on the market for $18 million.  Although the couple has seem to lived a charmed life in the design world, they have had to get creative to stay on top.
Currently, the Novogratz tribe resides in a old shuttered S&M club on the West Side Highway that they have completely remodeled with their signature styling.  

That’s quite a demo project! See more pictures of their home here.
Although they have had plenty of personal projects on their plates, The Sixx Design firm has a prestigious list of clients and some top notch design.  Check out this fun bowling alley the design duo is responsible for.

The show will focus on six large scale projects, including a 24-room hotel on the New Jersey Shore called The Bungalow Hotel.  On top of all their projects, new show and growing family the Novogratzs have a new book, appropriately named, Downtown Chic.  
We are sure to expect high drama and hilarity as this less than conventional clan goes through their day-to-day life, but Robert assures in an interview with The New York Times that “It’s [the show] more design-focused than the dysfunctional family thing. Sure it was a pain,” he added, but if the show isn’t good, “at least we’ll have some great home movies.”

There are really simple ways to get that punchy, ultra modern and chic look into your home, and one of the easiest ways to do that is by incorporating a unique lighting fixture into your space.  Here are some fun examples:
This Translucent Venus Pendant is available in four colors and brings a colorful, modern punch to your home.
We always come back to this Hanging Bubbles Fixture because its just so great and original.  It would look perfect in a bathroom just as well as it would a washroom or a funky living room.
It really doesn’t get cuter than this handmade papier mache jellyfish lamp, available in six different colors.  Great for a beach house or a city dwelling that always likes to keep the beach in mind.
Be sure to tune in tomorrow night and to keep a creative, inspired eye in mind when shopping at The Well Appointed House.

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  1. Cary B

    I don’t watch much TV anymore but I won’t be missing this one!! Love your Blog Melissa! We met at Tuckers Point in Bermuda after dining at the Point. Love your products too! Keep up the excellent work with your daughters, family and business! Maybe we will run into you on “de rock”

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