Designer Profile: Celery Kemble

March being Women’s History Month, J-Crew has gotten into the spirit featuring women that inspire them. Among the handful of muses selected and then photographed in the current catalog is interior designer Celerie Kemble. Its not hard to see why Kemble’s designs are colorful, airy and combine modern and traditional elements: Cecilia Lacoste Kemble was born and raised in Palm Beach with interior design in her blood (mother Mimi Maddock McMakin is an Interior Designer). After attending Groton and then Harvard University Kemble teamed up with her mother and founded Kemble Interiors, Inc. The firm has worked on prominent residential and commercial projects everywhere from the Dominican Republic, Puglia Italy, Texas, The Hamptons and of course Manhattan and Palm Beach. Take a look at her looking like the modern working mother she is in J-Crew.

Click here to read her full profile on, but this particular blurb was especially interesting, discussing the difference between New York and Palm Beach style.
As optimistic as this milder weather is, we sure wouldn’t mind walking the sandy streets in linen right about now!
When Kemble isn’t with her team focused on creating hip and fun spaces for the young elite crowd, she is busy working on her line of faux leather fabrics for Valtekz and her current book, To Your Taste. Take a look of some of her designs below.
The chinoiserie styling above isn’t heavy or old, but rather looks fresh and very modern. Throughout her designs she manages to takes very traditional patterns and styles and make them new again.

From breakfast to late afternoon drinks, this patio hits the mark.

Without using a lot of colors she still manages to make a bold statement in the above look, yet as we see below, is quite comfortable with the use of a bold hue.

The green and blue is just joyous in this lovely picture.

She looks for unexpected wall art to add interest to a room.

That bench is to die for!

This room looks like a family really sits around talks, eats desert and watches TV. Its refreshing to see a room so inviting yet so well done.

Above is a look from a commercial project in Palm Beach. Could you tell?

There’s everyone’s favorite Capiz Chandelier (click to purchase from The Well Appointed House) hanging in this Floridian commercial space.

Above is Kemble’s New York Office. No wonder her designs are so inspired, with a space as cool as that one! In closing we will leave you with an inspiring quote from Celery about design and life:

“In life as in design, it is not perfection you should be after. There’s beauty in the faded and worn, the well loved, and the sentimental…After all, life has seams. Your home should be like a loosely woven fabric of desires, memories, practical, notions, and even compromises.” – Celerie Kemble

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    Class bias (“Look to your parents’ decorating style” – what, TV trays and laminate furniture?) notwithstanding, Celerie Kemble has written an eminently readable, relatable, and practical guide to beautiful design. From the general – create an interesting conversation between the pieces in a room – to the specific – side tables should be 2 inches below arm height – Kemble educates us and inspires us in equal parts.

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