Dining By Design at the Architectural Digest Home Show

One of the best parts of the Architectural Digest home show is the Dining By Design event. Designers representing different participants each create a table-scene indicative of the brand they represent and last night, those who have purchased tickets benefiting AIDS research, are invited to sip cocktails and view the different tables. Here is your exclusive sneak peak here!

These water bottles lined the front entranceway, such an innovative and fun idea.

I think Manhattan magazine might have been my favorite. It was so much fun to see the decorators in their process.

This look from Slade Designs is made entirely from throwaway furniture and ducktape! Don’t worry, the plates were not found in the trash, they were rented from the caterers.

There are no lights on the purple ribbon chandelier made by Eric Warner for Aesthete, but rather sporadic crystals placed throughout.

It’s Mickey Mouse! A surprisingly tasteful, yet still fun, look from the team at Disney.

Ring-a-ling, it’s the submission from Tug Studio. From the vintage phone chandelier and the numbered plates they went all out in this creative scene.

This table below radiates couture elegance, but what else would you expect from famed designer Rodarte.

The chandelier below is actually a lot of different lighting fixtures all placed together. In the room by Kravet below.

Each one of these boxes are upholstered in Kravet fabric.
Do I even need to mention whose responsible for this table scene below? Ralph Lauren Home took their equestrian aesthetic to the next level in this space.

The chandelier is made from prize ribbons and looks like a fun DIY project for someone with some creativity, a glue gun and a little girl who knows her way around a championship ring.

For those of you not able to attend there is a Sunday afternoon showing with a wine and tasting menu. Click here for more information.
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