Flea Market Finds At The Well Appointed House

Everyone wants to have things in their house that are unique, special and “one of a kind”, but not everyone has the time to scour the aisles upon aisles, rows and rows of flea markets, bazaars and antique road shows. At The Well Appointed House we take care in selecting products that embody those qualities, so take a look at some of our great “finds.”

When setting out to do some power antiquing you want to get the rare and unusual. This green onyx lamp is a little bit of both as each lamp made varies slightly due to the natural gemstone being used.

It would take you hours walking around to find a set of jars that have this “diamond cut” design but its doubtful you’ll find a set with this great pink coloring.

Carrying on in the pink theme is this set of two pinkalicious candlestick holders. This modern bright pink is antiqued with weathering throughout.

Sometimes you’ll be perusing products and come across an oddity you just have to have like this Miami bar and tea cart.

Part two-wheeler and part spirit caddy, this fun piece will easily make its mark on any space.

It’s nice to say you’ve traveled the globe acquiring rare decor, but in this case, let your room speak for itself. This powder blue Shanghai birdhouse brings a little bit of the far East to your space. Mixing in chinoiserie inspired elements can look quite modern when paired with bright colors and lacquered pieces.

These roaring bookends are fun and unique and could complement an eclectic space quite nicely.

We are seeing a great deal of venetian mirrors making a comeback and we are particularly taken by this Castle mirror for its highly antiqued nature.

It’s definitely a great piece with a rare quality about it.

Our French Garden lamp is a cool hanging piece with an eclectic, unusual charm that sets it apart from the rest.

The Perched Bird Round Table and Chair is the place where art and furnishings meet.

This table and chair mimics an actual’s bird nest with a “stick” design on all surfaces and golden branches as the legs and sides. You will be hard pressed to find this set many more places than right here. Wouldn’t this look great in a small backyard space or city balcony, to bring a little country into big city living?

The California sunlight never looked this cool.
The primary reason to go antiquing and visiting flea markets is to get great vintage accents. Recently, we have added a great deal of vintage inspired wall art to our already vast collection. With each vintage print you can opt to frame the piece or have it done as a wall chart, with wooden rods on either side and a rope from which it hangs for an added unique feel.

Vintage maps are also a great way to bring an interesting and literally “worldly” charm to your home’s decor.

Another great series of vintage wall pieces is this collection of “American Boy Magazine” covers. They are great for a growing boy’s room as they are cute enough for when he is little but cool enough for when he gets older.
We hope you enjoy looking through the rest of our new products for additional design inspiration.
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