Get The Look: Hollywood Regency

The glamour and glitz of the thirties is back in a big way and popping up across magazines and blogs all over. Legendary designer Dorothy Draper was one of the few who spearheaded the movement, convincing filmmakers and private clients alike to use an ultra posh aesthetic, full of color and the unusual elements in their decor. Take a look at some modern day examples to get a better idea:

At The Well Appointed House we love the Hollywood Regency style and think its a great way to bring some chic playfulness to your space.

For this “look book” spread we used our staple pieces to get the look. Venetian mirrors and lacquered accents in bright colors (especially pink, green and blue) are key. Chandeliers that pack a punch, mirrored furniture, sheepskin, vintage prints and especially our Hollywood Spotlight lamp, which has been getting a lot of press, are essential components. Be sure to keep these in mind when pursuing The Well Appointed House!
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