Go Green for St Patrick’s Day (and the other 364 days of the year)!

The local pubs are already beginning to flood with people dressed in green and raring to go this St. Patrick’s day, which got us thinking about a different type of green.  Eco-friendly interior design is a sustaining trend in the design community and thanks to the growing number of eco-minded manufacturers and vendors, going “green” never looked this good.

Quite the literal interpretation is shown above.  Not everyone has to be so radical with incorporating  environmentally conscience materials into their decor as we see below in this polished space.

 Designer Thom Filicia is pictured above in his eco-friendly design project for LEED-certified condominium project right here in New York City

Show your kids that mom (and dad) knows best and start them off right by using eco-friendly interiors in their spaces.  With designs this bright and playful they will surely keep “green” in mind when they go off and start their own design projects.

Not all ecologically minded decor has to necessarily look ecologically minded, as you can see above.  Eco-friendly gets the stigma of being a little… granola, but in actuality with the right materials you can create a sustainable space that’s both environmentally and interior-ally sound.  At The Well Appointed House we are dedicated to providing decor to support this movement.  Visit our ever growing eco-friendly section, you’ll be surprised at what great design ideas are in there!
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