ScreenspirationTM: The Thomas Crown Affair

The Thomas Crown Affair is a visual stunner about the world’s top art theft who falls in love during the investigation of his last great heist.  The remake starred Pierce Bronsman and Rene Russo, but for this ScreenspirationTM segment we are focusing on the 1968 version with Steve McQueen and the beautiful Faye Dunaway.  Take a look at some of these great shots and you will get a feel for the easy, elegance portrayed in the film.

He could pick us up in the above ride any day… or the below for that matter.

 The two have such great chemistry, maybe its because they are both after the other in one way or the other, but it more than works! They look great together. (Love that dress!)

 The dapper, international man of mystery vibe is clear.  He would totally be into our James Bond inspired room.

We love this film for its classic American style, charm and of course… ART! We are hard at work adding all the new items we scooped up at the New York Gift Show, and a large chunk of those products were in fact wall art.  Here are some selected pieces Mr. Crown would likely want to steal off your wall.
The Genteel Society of Dogs Collection features a group of pups who take well trained to a whole new level.  Choose from the young lady above or any other number of debonair dogs dressed in in Victorian Area garb who have very distinct personalities.
We have found such great nautical inspired art and particularly love the frames that accompany them. Above is a great shot of our new Chesapeake Ship painting, which we think looks particularly chic paired with our new silhouettes. 
We love the way two very traditional pieces paired together can still manage to look fresh and modern.  The secret is in mixing and matching the frames and styles (colonial whimsy meets masculine nautical above).  It will look like you’ve spent years scouring antique stores, when in fact your well trained eye knows a fab online snag when it sees it!
Given it is the 60’s in this version, maybe Mr. Crown would be more interested in this more contemporary framed collection.  These contemporary prints pop in oranges and green (also available in blue).  They bring a great modern edge to your room with a nice nod to the mod past.  Be sure to pop over and peruse all of our new products, including many more prints!
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