Stark Warehouse Sale in New York City: How Much of a Savings?

On Wednesday, I reported on the Stark and Hermes warehouse sales, happening in New York City at the Metropolitan Pavaillion on West 18th Street.  I was at the Stark Sale on Wednesday.

In addition to area rugs, carpeting, fabrics and wallcoverings from Stark, the sale includes fabrics and linens by Kravet, Holland & Sherry, Scalamandre and bedding by Pratesi.

I talked to a few reps there, and your best bet to save is on area rugs and remnants.  Those, on average, he said were marked down 50%.  When I compared prices for broadlooms in the sale as compared to the showroom, it seemed that on average the prices were reduced by about $10 (not huge).  They will give designers an additional 10% off the prices shown at the sale.  Here is something to know.  If you are purchasing carpeting that needs to be cut and trimmed with a border, or installed, after you make your purchase with Stark, you will be shuttled over to the Costikyan area.  Costikyan as a company has traditionally been in the business of restoration: hand cleaning, restoration, reweaving, tinting, stretching and stain removal of fine rugs and tapestries.  They are now at every Stark Carpet Sale found at locations around the country.

Take this example and ask yourself if you are really getting a deal and perhaps skip all of the hype:

At the Stark Sale on Wednesday, I purchased a French Blue Stratford wool area rug – roughly 12 x 15 in size.  The ‘discounted’ price of the rug with the border was $2238.  I received an additional 10% off with the designer discount bringing the price down to $2104.  You pay freight for the uncut rug to go to Costikyan, which in this case was $55.

Here is the big catch – Costikyan’s prices are off the charts expensive. I highly recommend before you checkout and pay for your Stark purchases that you head over to the Costikyan booth and get their cost and then make your decision as to whether you think this is a savings worthy of ‘warehouse sale’ prices.

The price they gave me to cut and sew the binding on my area rug was…..gulp…..$1000.00….
That included a $125 delivery charge and so the remaining $875 covers cutting the rug, sewing the binding around the edges and a pad to go underneath.

The Costikyan cost was nearly 50% of the cost of the rug.  This is important for people to know going into this ‘sale’.  It is not such a big savings after all.  Total cost $3104.

Here are some photos of the fabric area of the sale:

This is an area where you can get some great deals.  The fabrics, wallpapers and trims are heavily discounted.  Some Scalamandre papers were $19 per roll and fabrics $19 per yard.  I saw some nice patterns.  If you can’t venture over to the sale between now and Sunday, here is a hint.  The Scalamandre website now has an Outlet Store on it with the same items you will see at the warehouse sale.  I am sure if you check the other websites you might find some similar shopping areas.  If you want a real bargain, head to the fabric and wallcovering area and focus on the remnants and area rugs!
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