Stefano Tonchi Beats Carine Roitfeld Out For Editor Of W Magazine- At Least She Has A Well Appointed House To Come Home To!

Stefano Tonchi, past editor of T Magazine, has just confirmed he is the new editor of W Magazine, beating out heavyweights like Sally Singer of Vogue, Joe Zee of Elle and, of course, the face of Parisian fashion and Editor of French Vogue, Carine Roitfeld.  Carine is the more risky foil to American Vogue Editor, Anna Wintour, and often finds her name splashed across magazines and blogs alike-and not just for her editing. It stands to reason that her discerning eye for fashion would translate perfectly into interior design.  Below are some shots of her Parisian apartment.

 The view from Roitfeld’s Parisian Penthouse

 Roitfeld let the beautiful, original crown molding and detailing throughout the bones of the apartment take center stage and decorated with modern, sparse furniture with clean lines.  Clutter need not apply.

 Not sure what a fung shei master would say about that storage center in the middle of the hallway.

 Roitfeld has even used her home as a location for French Vogue.

 On top of being one of the final words in fashion, Carine is also a mother of two, a son Vlad and a daughter, Julia, pictured below.

Julia and her brother are making a names for themselves in fashion, art and on the party scene. Julia took after her mother and even had her New York City Apartment photographed for the urban photographer Todd Selby and his website.

 Julia Reston-Roitfeld has forgone bookcases in favor of stacking her favorite magazines and table top books on the floor; tres chic!

 Are you surprised at her collection of Vogues? Neither were we.
 Reston-Roitfeld sitting pretty!
Love the creative use of displaying her photographs.

 There are no words for the happiness that closet brings!  What we wouldn’t give for a peak!

Below is a spread of our Julia Restoin-Roitfeld picks.

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