Tory Burch and Tina Barney: How Your Wardrobe Influences Your Decor

Designer and trend setter Tory Burch is known for her impeccable taste, so it stands to reason she made the right choice in choosing photographer Tina Barney to shoot her family focused Spring 2010 look book. The Museum of Contemporary Photography credits Barney for her ability to capture candid moments between “the lifestyles and relationships of her family and close friends, many of whom belong to the social elite of New York and New England.”

The shoot took place in Burch’s Manhattan apartment and the two sat down for a really interesting interview about the effect on one’s wardrobe on one’s decor and visa-versa. Barney notes that many times people’s wardrobes match their furniture and that she is not able to do an interesting photo without interesting decor, stressing the importance of each object and how everything in the room relates to one another. Take a listen and a look at the behind the scenes interview here:

Its particularly interesting how Burch notes that she was working on her apartment at the same time she was working on her current collection. Take a look at the pictures from the shoot that you can also find on Tory’s Style Guide.

Burch with the two main models on the shoot

Look at how modern this room looks, even with very traditional elements like matching upholstery and wall coverings they look fresh when paired with the white shag carpeting and glass coffee table.

You can see really see how the matching print on matching print and coordinating colors influence her current collection, especially above.

Burch’s Upper East Side apartment is perfectly traditional, but doesn’t look like its a home straight out of a showcase; you can really tell that she actually lives there with her sons and Barney’s pictures only help to reinforce that. There is a voyeuristic quality that is synonymous with Barney’s pictures, like we are looking in on someone’s familiar interactions. In the youtube interview above both Burch and Barney talk about their parent’s as major influences on their style. Do you agree with that? How do you incorporate elements passed down from you family into your modern decor? Visit our Facebook page and let us know! Here are some more pictures of Burch’s apartment from Vogue, by way of The Peak Of Chic:

Pictures were shot for Vogue by Francois Halard.
At The Well Appointed House we are very preoccupied with how fashion and furnishings influence one another, so what do you think? Is there a correlation between the two in your own home? While perusing our retail site for further decorative inspiration try to see if you pick pieces that resemble what’s in your closet. You never know, you might be asking yourself, “Does this couch make me look fat?”

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