Urbane Living: Decorating Ideas For Contemporary, Delightful (and just a tad on the small side) Spaces.

We often get caught up looking for inspiration in the grandest of spaces, but a large percentage of customers at The Well Appointed House are receiving their home decor goodies at city addresses with some more modest square footage.  Just because many of us don’t live in sprawling country manors doesn’t mean we can’t have some award winning designs! Take a look at a few courtesy of Elledecor.com.

The above are from the studio apartment of designer Ron Marvin.  His point of view is strong and the innovative elements he brings into the space make it all his own.  The strength in his apartment are the tall ceilings (and if they aren’t he did a good job faking it!) The window treatments in the living room draw the eye upwards, as does the painted wall above the headboard and the geometric shower curtain.  Some stray away from strong colors in an smaller space, but he choose hues that don’t overwhelm, but rather warm the apartment.
The above space adds a lot of architectural elements that make it seem larger than it is. Hiring an architect to help you achieve this can be expensive (and impossible if you don’t own your apartment) but there are some easy decorative fixes that can make your space feel like you’ve got… well space.
Bring a little bit of the country to your city dwelling with this silver lodge deer head (a-la Marvin’s bathroom).  The bright silver and 3-D shape will pop against even a white wall, bringing the eye upwards.  Adding something unusual to a space can go a long way.
This sheet set is available as shown with a geometric “lego” or zig-zag pattern that in a bedroom where you don’t have room for much more than a bed can make a powerful, chic statement.
This contemporary reverse brushstroke rug is a great idea for a long and narrow hallway, as shown. Have fun with your rugs; it adds interest in places people least expect, which is exactly why we love this glamour girl rug.
Even if you don’t have enough floor space to house the above two rugs you can still bring in some fun pieces that will create a young, playful vibe.  Speaking of which, have you met Milan?
This Milan mat is also available in its reverse black and white and is a fun little pop for your room.
Take a bite out of the norm with this three feet by two feet alligator rug.  Its a quirky, fun piece that surely won’t be expected.  For more fun small space ideas check out our new items section.
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