Welcome To The Greatest Room On Earth! New Vintage Circus Decor

Playrooms.  They are tough ones to crack; either you slap down some stain resistant carpet on the floor and throw in a bunch of toys or you create a delicate space that looks great with your home, but maybe isn’t the most kid friendly.  At our most recent buying trip we came across some vintage inspired Circus decor and could not get enough.  Not only are these prints engaging, fun and vibrant but they are also gender neutral and showcase your daring design sensibility. Take a look at some stand out new pieces.

These light up letters are great to hang on your wall and spell out your child’s name or custom phrases.  Fans of Bravo Tv’s Watch What Happens Live know that these letters are far from juvenile specific.  Late night host Andy Cohen has them on the set of his show in his initials.

 With guests like Joan Rivers and all the cast members from The Real Housewives, Andy Cohen is the ring master in a big circus!

None of these products are truly child specific and in fact little hints here or there can look really modern and fun for vintage inspired decor.  These pillows exemplify that point.

This clown is anything but scary.

All these pillows can be found in our new items section, along with the rest of our new circus decor.
These pillows are great because they look like they could take a couple of rounds of a good old fashion pillow fight, but at the same time are little pops of art that can really enhance a space.  Also new to The Well Appointed House and our circus collection are these great vintage prints.

Each print is offered either framed or as a chart, for an added vintage feel.  There is one element of a child’s room that is absolutely necessary and that’s personalization.  Many of our vintage prints can be personalized with your child’s name, making them extra special.

Please contact The Well Appointed House for additional information regarding the personalization of these products.
Break the mold and allow your children to clown around in style and be sure to check out the rest of our Circus Themed decor.
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