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It’s always great to thumb through the glossy pages of magazines, but sometimes the best sources for design inspiration are a little closer to home. Well Appointed House customer and good friend Christine lives in a townhouse situated between a bucolic side street and happening Madison Avenue in upper Manhattan, which happens to be the perfect place for this wife and mother of two. Recently, this young family sold their suburban home, styled as a country farm house, in favor of the hustle and bustle of the New York streets. Not only would her husband’s morning commute be cut down, so would Christine’s square footage, which was a challenge this FIT graduate was looking forward to. “I just wanted to streamline!” She said of her seventh move in eleven years. On top of her townhouse, Christine also has a farm and family home in upstate New York, which is perfect for this constant collector. “Some people start a room because they like a rug, or a color, but I start with what I have and go from there.”

The living room is her favorite room in the house. It’s definitely cool, current and chic and is a great example of melding her previous furniture with her more tailored current aesthetic. It also has her favorite pieces in the house, the hanging pendant, and her vintage Louis Vuitton luggage.
Coffee table books are Christine’s favorite presents to GET!

“I got my trunks at a consignment store in Westchester.”
The “Handle With Care” picture was recently purchased on a trip to Palm Beach. Note how the girl’s dress and socks are made from band-aids. The artist is Nina Surel from Argentina. Very inspired.

“My previous home was very traditional, with a lot of pastoral references, but it was still filled with things I loved, so when choosing between what to take, what to send to the farm and what to store, I chose things that had straight modern lines and not a lot of color.” It was this method that resulted in her eclectically chic space.
When designing her daughters’ respective rooms she was primarily concerned with creating a space that reflected their personalities but still related to one another.
“This is my favorite bed in the house.” Says Christine of the above bed, which she purchased from The Well Appointed House. Christine sent in her own fabric to add to complete the room’s focal point.
The inspiration for her youngest daughter’s room was her favorite book, Pinkalicious. Could you tell?
This antique mirror is from the twenties and was purchased at a flea market in Paris.

Look how great our Haba Hanging tent looks in this corner of the room. Kids need to be inspired to play and this tent does just that, while at the same time maintaining a high level of design.
“I do most of my buying while traveling. I like to bring things from the places I love to the one place I call home.” Christine has pieces from Parisian flea markets, antique stores in Palm Beach, boutiques in Los Angeles, and the streets of St. Tropez. “My favorite places to travel are places I can shop.”
Christine and one of her daughters at Club 55 in St. Tropez

Her eldest daughter’s room overlooks the street, a perfect spot for an aspiring artist, who likes to sit by the window while sketching.

By age seven Christine was redecorating her room, constantly switching up her comforters on a whim. Her daughters definitely have a lot of influences around which might just inspire them to get into the interior design game!
“There are a lot of designers that I love, but I would have to say my favorite is Ralph Lauren. I’ve loved his clothing and home decor for as long as I can remember.” Christine’s home is the perfect marriage of classic American design with hints of European luxury. In every room there is a little bit of Hermes, be it in the pillows, a framed scarf or display of boxes.
It’s nice to see our Delicate Nickel and Mirrored accent table getting some use!

Again, you can see how nicely she mixes the traditional artwork with more contemporary pieces

The bathroom is a serene, beautiful space!
This chair was purchased at The Well Appointed House. See end of article to shop the look.

And shop Miss Christine does. When not clicking around on The Well Appointed House, she sees every retail outpost as an opportunity to find her next perfect piece.
“We call the fourth floor the “treehouse.” It’s such a great, safe space for the girls to create and play.” Christine stuck with a monochromatic color scheme for her children’s room, an daring choice that came out perfectly!
And the stag head make’s his New York debut.
These prints separating the master bedroom from the office are from Paris.
This office is far too fun to get any actual work done! Cashmere and cowhide? It looks modern and chic.
“I love my Well Appointed House candle! I’m down to my last one! I give them as gifts all the time, but I’m keeping this one.” Christine also is known to give monogrammed napkins and bathrobes. “For my friend’s birthday this year I sent her a set of bathrobes with her house’s name on it. Personal touches like monogramming show you put thought into your gift. If it has your name on it, clearly it wasn’t going to anyone else!”

“Paper goods are my favorite. I just love them.” True to form Christine has a present ready to go and shows us a collection of her personal monogrammed napkins.
In this day and age its nice to see someone still likes to correspond with a handwritten note! Christine loves her set of Dabney and Lee notecards.

“I love my Moroccan Poofs! The hidden storage is key, I get one for my hats and scarves and my husband gets one for his chargers and whatever. They are right by my front door so it’s so convenient. Plus they are just great pieces.

We chose to spotlight Christine’s house, not only because she is a loyal customer, a good friend and because we think she has all the elements of a “Well Appointed House.” Her home is undeniably hers: welcoming, warm, comfortable with elements of worldly high end luxury. In every room she lovingly displays pictures of family and friends, helping to add to that family centric feel.
Shop Christine’s top picks from The Well Appointed House:
1. “I love Jonathan Adler and can’t wait to give some of these nifty gifties!
2. Studded furniture like our beige leather casino chair, like the one in her bathroom.
3. Light it up! Christine’s home is filled with beautiful chandeliers that draw the eye upwards, playing up high ceilings. Her current home is filled with drum shaped pendants, like our Wengue dark wood pendant.
4. Christine is always switching up her napkins and placemats on her dining room table. This Trina Turk set is a great way to add instant style and switch things up!
5. Never underestimate the little touches that set your space apart and bring in a unique quality. Items like this Horse Candlestick holder is a great example of transitional decor, like the items we see throughout Christine’s home.
Should any other of our loyal readers want to contribute photos of their own “well appointed home” and show off some of your favorite Well Appointed House purchases please email customerservice@wellappointedhouse.com for consideration.
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