A Well Appointed Green Home: Michelle Adams, Lonny Magazine

This Saturday night the online design community got a special treat when the fourth issue of Lonny Magazine debuted.  Many an interiorista put down her glass of Pino, excused herself from dinner and took a movie break to be one of the first to check out the magazine that is changing the face of the editorial world.  For the fourth issue Editor-in-Chef Michelle Adams and her team took a closer look at sustainability and what it truly means to be “green.”  With over 70 pages of eco-chic decor, the high point of the issue was truly when Adams gave us a candid and in-depth look of her own NYC apartment, appointed with her unique design aesthetic and belief in sustainability.

Adams says “For my own home, I knew I wanted a space that felt sophisticated yet quirky and relevant but also timeless.  I’ve always been fascinated by flea market treasures and drawn to objects that have their own history: however, the bold, elegant and well-curated spaces of designers like Dorothy Draper have had equal appeal.  So I used this blend of concepts as a framework for the design of my home.”
Adams certainly was able to create a clean and airy feel to her apartment, with all the quirky charm she was looking for.  Her artwork and wallpaper choices are decidedly pastoral, but aren’t stuffy animal replicas, they are actually quite fun and modern. 
Michelle has a spacious one bedroom full of light.. lucky girl!  The alcove dining room is another real estate bonus and by using different fabrics its a nice separation of “church and state,” helping to add visual square footage to the apartment.  
Love dark walls in a smaller room!  The floral headboard really stands out against these dark walls.  All Michelle’s textiles are from her own Environmentally responsible company, Rubie Green, and are totally adorable, but you can’t move forward unless you have something to upholster your favorite fabric too, which is why we love our custom headboards.
Looking for a lamp like this? Try our Parisian Drafter’s Lamp.
For her joyful designs, love of the Earth and her unique ability to put it all together, we all agree that Michelle Adams has a Well Appointed HomeTM!  Here are some of our picks for Michelle from The Well Appointed House.

For more sustainable home decor check out our Eco-Friendly section here and be sure to check out the rest of Michelle’s article and the entire LonnyMag!
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