New Products At The Well Appointed House!

We have some new products that we are just so excited to share with you! Take a look at some of our top picks.

Give a little nod to the past in this ultra retro couch.  Those wood sides look like they provide some nice support for your back. That mustard, green and brown houndstooth is just so NOW!

Talk about equestrian chic! This is the life sized horse bookshelf of your dreams! Put it.. well, where could you not use a life sized horse? Especially one with all this storage capacity?  Reins included, making it easy to find the place in your home that champion Philly.

Ikat, smikat! This print is what inspired the ikat craze.

Chinoiserie chic to a T! It’s really hard to find a side table that brings more to a room than just a place to put a lamp or a book.  This Suma Wrestler side table brings a worldly charm to your decor.  Artfully crafted- only a true artesian would be able to create such intricate detailing along the hair line and those fleshy rolls look so lifelike. A great focal point!

The wide, abstract brushstrokes and bright pink, green and yellow coloring is what makes this couch undeniably Palm Beach chic.  Lilly Pulitzer herself would totally have had something just like this in her house.
Be sure to check out our new items section at The Well Appointed House for some more design inspiration an have a Well Appointed House April Fools

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