Color Wars

Memorial day is upon us, which means the official start to summer and hopefully a lot of fun.  As far as dressing goes we either go all white (following the old ‘no white before memorial day’ rule) or dress like a bouquet of bright colors.  This season it seems that it is either one or the other, pastels need not apply.

For all of the color  out there this season, we are still seeing a strong representation of the color white, which can make just as powerful an impression in a room as one that is filled with color.  You tell us, which is more dramatic?

The white rooms look sophisticated and regal, with different shades of whites and creams layered in for depth.

This room gets a little added boost from the gray, but see how the above compares with the bright bursts below.

 This kitchen is full of kitsch, but there is a strong presence of white.  If you love color but need something to tone it down, try using a high gloss lacquer, like on the table above.

 This room doesn’t use a lot of bright colors, but all the pastels together make it a force to be reckoned with.

{All photos from the House Beautiful Gallery}
We love the bright pink on the walls in the above shot.  It looks just like something we might see in the stores for this season. Whether you love the calm of all white or the passion in the punchy pink one thing is for sure, you need a little bit of both to make a successful room.  At The Well Appointed House we have an amazing collection of bright pieces to bring some serious color therapy to your stark space.  Take a look:

Should you have a brightly painted room be sure to visit our white on white decorative section for some decorative ideas to tone down your room. No color war is necessary here, be the pacifist when it comes to decorating and make your room a better place.
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