Father Day Gift Ideas!

Remember that old fairy tale about the King who had the three daughters and asked each to compare their love for him to something material? Two of the three daughters just wanted to impress him and named extravagant possessions but the third, his favorite, compared her love to him to salt.  Initially, the King was angry and banished her from the Kingdom but after she snuck in, stole the salt from the kitchen and showed him how essential salt is, the King took her back and forgave her.  I’ve been thinking about that story a lot now that the time of year to honor dear ol’ Dad is upon us.  Dads always say ‘oh don’t get me anything, your love is enough’ or are perfectly happy with a coozy and a some tickets to the game but Dad’s can be bigger divas about gifts than mom (hello, the story?). Like all men, they need to know you care so this year, show dad how much you appreciated him scaring away your high school suitors with some gifts he’ll love.  Here are our top picks from The Well Appointed House:

You may not think it but Dads, like Moms, love to have pictures of their children and grandchildren around.  This Antique Golfers Decoupage frame is perfect for the dad who likes the links.  Customize the frame with a phrase or monogram to personalize the gift and then put in a fabulous black and white photo to complete the whole vintage vibe.  If your father would rather sport some links rather than get his sport on, the links than these monogram cufflinks are the perfect option.

Your dad will always think of you whether he is at a big board meeting or out on the town. Make sure you order these sterling silver cufflinks and the picture frame now ASAP to allow for your items to be monogrammed in time for the big day!  Does your dad hate sharing or like to keep some spirits close to him while he’s out fishing or hunting?
This black leather flask is handsome with it’s bright silver monogram plate on the front and along the top.  If you dad is the kind of guy that likes to relax and maybe even take in some at home spa services (we imagine this constitutes as shaving, washing between the ears and brushing teeth) than our plush monogram navy robe is right up his alley. 
The luxurious cotton coupled with the deep, classic navy is an essential gift; every man needs one at one point in his life, so why not choose this one and personalize it with his monogram? We love monogramming gifts at The Well Appointed House because it shows that your gift wasn’t last minute and it wasn’t intended for anyone but the receiver.  Make sure you get your orders in on these monogram products in the next day or two to allow for enough time to arrive by the big day, which just so happens to be June 20th.  Be sure to shop the rest of our “gifts for him” which also include some great, non personalized goodies sure to spread the love!
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