Hats of Central Park & Judith Leiber for Wildlife Conservation

The Women’s Committee of the Central Park Conservancy hosted the 28th Annual Frederick Law Olmsted Awards Luncheon yesterday, May 5th 2010, in Central Park.  In my previous post, I covered this annual Spring tradition, and this year’s event couldn’t have been more beautiful.  The event started with a reception and tours of the gardens at 11:00 a.m. with the luncheon and awards presentation following at 12:15.  This years hosts were Gillian Miniter (President of the Women’s Committee), Noreen Buckfire, Anne Harrison, Marcia Mishaan and Sarah Robertson along with Thomas Glocer (CEO, Thomson Reuters), Adrian Benepe (Commissioner of the NYC Parks & Recreation), Thomas Kemper, Jr. (Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Central Park Conservancy) and of course, Douglas Blonsky (President of the Central Park Conservancy)

The tradition of wearing hats brimming with flowers came in handy yesterday with the bright sun beating down on us.  It was quite hot, perfect for the Spring gardens blooming literally all around the reception with the sounds of string quartets dancing through the air as we all sipped aperitifs, pink punches, lemonades and bubbly mimosas.  The weather could not have been more perfect to highlight the couture dresses, Chanel suits, Birkins and Blahniks and of course the luxurious millinery creations that streamed down the receiving line into the reception.   After coming in and doing the meet and greet, we sought the shade to get some relief from the heat and to enjoy watching the best dressed ladies of Manhattan stream in.  Notable guests included Harry Benson, Martha Stewart, Blaine Trump, Evelyn Lauder, Grace Hightower, Arie and Coco Kopelman, Fe Fendi, Tara Rockefeller,  Glenda Bailey, Sigourney Weaver and many others.    This year the event was completely sold out with a lengthy waiting list.    Here are some of the pics that we took yesterday (unless otherwise noted as being taken by someone else):

Heading out to lunch:
Melissa Hawks, Fiona Reeson

The Receiving Line of Luncheon Hostesses:

Ladies touring the gardens

Melissa Hawks, Fiona Reeson and Christine Bazylevsky

Diane DiMenna was a trooper and arrived on crutches!  
Sigourney Weaver
Martha Stewart arriving….

Inside the tent

The luncheon was catered by Abigail Kirsch.  We started with chilled cucumber soup with dill goat cheese panna cotta in the middle (delicious)…followed by a nice, light porcini dusted chicken salad on an Enoki soft herb nest with truffled black quinoa and barley…followed by a little trio of sweets that included a triple chocolate mouse box, rasberry lemon granita and almond nougatine.  Yum and a nice presentation!

Some interesting hat and fashion ensembles:
I loved Fabiola’s hat with the rope:
…is that Lady Gaga under there?!
I enjoyed the vintage Pucci ensemble with the flea-market-boho-straw-flower hat:

Coordinating hat and dress

One of my table mates, Michelle Marie Heinemann in a self-made creation:

Another of my table mates…we called her hat the “Botanical Garden” hat lady!  (and yes, those were fresh flowers)

This woman had a statue of an angel on her hat:

A pant suit on the left and H Bomb dress on the right:

Peacock Feather Hat:

and…..another peacock feather hat!

A standout in red:
A home made hat – what do you think, is it the bees knees?:

Having attended the luncheon three times pregnant myself, I did notice some fabulous maternity ensembles.  This one was my favorite!

Glowing and gorgeous!
The best part of the luncheon is taking some time out of our busy lives with work and young children to bond with girlfriends, enjoy the gardens and most importantly, raise money for New York’s Central Park:

Some friends of mine from Greenwich (Ashley Allan – a talented fashion and home goods designer, Beth Taylor and Susan Sleeper) enjoying lunch
Here we are taking time to admire the insanely beautiful flowers by Andrew Pascoe Flowers, Ltd:
There are other good pictures of the event on New York Social Diary (Two pages- click here or click here to view more).  Manhattansociety.com has not yet released their photos to the public, so I was more than happy to share mine.  Speaking of New York Social Diary, as I was looking up the link to share with you, I saw that their photographer published no less than two photos of the backs of us sitting at our table, eating…funny…

Here is video coverage of the luncheon from the New York Times, with a colorful narration by :

Yesterday was a busy day in New York…we left the “hat party”, had a little refreshment and a quick outfit change and went over to Judith Leiber’s Kick Off Event for the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Central Park Zoo Gala. As a treat to guests, Judith Leiber had 100 of her bags for sale for just $100!  Here we are with our bags:

Happy Spring from your friends at  The Well Appointed House!
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