Friends I Know and Like: Amy Feezor of Real Simple Magazine

I was recently admiring a collection of Archie Grand notebooks, made for “charlatans, scoundrels and luminaries”, when I decided to order some for myself.  I thought they would be quite charming when nonchalantly placed on a bookshelf in my sunroom.  If you haven’t visited their site or heard about these notebooks, take a look, whether you be a friend or a foe…

It also occurred to me that over the years, I have assembled an impressive array of interesting friends who “I Know and Like” and I decided that through the blog, I would start highlighting them every now and again.

Some of you may have wondered recently who exactly Amy Feezor is and why her name is listed as an author on our blog.  She is an old friend of mine – we met about six years ago in a book club that my friend Caroline started (She is at T Magazine) – and she is the Copy Director for the Creative Studio at Real Simple.  Amy is based on the marketing side of the business and is involved with everything from helping create advertorials you might see in the magazine and on the website, to invites and event materials.  She is a woman who wears many hats and leads an incredibly busy life.   From what I can gather, I can assume that some of my readers subscribe to Real Simple and so I thought you would enjoy learning a bit more about Amy.

Recently, Amy started a blog, which is what prompted me to sit down and chat with her about how things were going and what she is up to these days.  I know so many young women (including some of my staffers and many of my readers) who are interested in copy and editorial and so I asked Amy a few questions about her career and blog:

Melissa Hawks:  How did you find yourself down this career path?
Amy FeezorI have a master’s degree in advertising with a specialty in copywriting. When I graduated, I knew I wanted to be in NYC. But it was around the time the Internet bubble had burst, and there were no jobs in advertising agencies to be found. I instead found a job in the marketing department of a now-defunct magazine called “Expedia Travels,” and the rest is history. I was hooked.

Melissa Hawks: What prompted you to start your blog?
Amy Feezor: I’ve always known I wanted to write a blog, but I needed something to really force me to do it. So, last autumn, I signed up for a class through to get me going. I’ve done it for a variety of reasons: to get web experience outside of my job, to be able to write in my own voice, to find new ways to be creative, and to explore my passions. The blog helps me do all that in one place.

Melissa Hawks: Do you enjoy it and what do you think are the benefits of blogging?
Amy Feezor: I absolutely dig it. It not only benefits me in the ways I listed above, but it also has inspired me to explore my neighborhood a bit more and has even helped me meet new people.

Melissa Hawks: How do you think your blog readers find your blog?
Amy FeezorI think social media drives most of it—my Twitter page. Other blogs recommending or reviewing me. Facebook. My Mom.

Melissa Hawks: With limited time as a busy career woman, how do you make time for ideas generation for your job and blog?
Amy Feezor: Part of my job is already about constantly thinking about new ideas, so I have just sort of extended that part of my brain to include my blog. My camera also helps me think of new ideas, as does reading other blogs, watching TV shows or movies or reading new books and other magazines. Also, it helps to just be more aware and look for interesting things around me—or to even be willing to MAKE interesting things happen.

Melissa Hawks: What is your home decor style?
Amy FeezorI am a bit eclectic. I like modern pieces, but I also love classic and antique objects mixed in. I will often buy neutral furniture and spice it up with big bold pillows and throws. I also like things that are unique, personal, and that may have a smart sense of humor (or at least a little soul).

Melissa Hawks: Tell us about your apartment.
Amy Feezor: I live in a studio apartment in Brooklyn Heights, NY. It’s small in size, but big in heart. It’s large enough for a kitchen (including a dishwasher—a big deal for a New Yorker!), a living space (couch + chair + coffee table and TV), my sleeping quarters, a teeny office area, and one bathroom.

(Photo, Amy Feezor)

Melissa Hawks: How do you keep it organized and make the best use of your space?
Amy Feezor:  I am someone who has a place for everything—I’ll even notice if you’ve moved a picture frame over a little. It’s nutty and OCD-ish; but, in a way, it helps me always know where things go and how to keep the space neater and tidier.

Also, I use every inch I have in smart ways—I store things under my bed and under the couch. I use (tasteful!) over-the-door hangers when possible and hang hooks anywhere I can. I recycle quickly and make several donations to Goodwill throughout the year if I start to feel overstuffed.

(Photo, Amy Feezor)

(Photo, Amy Feezor)

Melissa Hawks: What are your favorite things to buy for the home?
Amy Feezor:  Since I am short on space, I find that I often indulge in one of two things: kitchen gadgets or art from independent artists. I figure I can always find room for something useful for my kitchen, and, hey, I can always manage to find another spot on my wall to fill up with art!

Melissa Hawks: How did you meet Melissa Hawks (me) and become familiar with The Well Appointed House?
Amy Feezor: We met at a book club meeting several years ago. Melissa impressed me off the bat—I am SO amazed with how she launched The Well Appointed House and became successful before anyone else on the web really caught on to how to do it. She always inspires me…

(Amy’s home workspace…I need her to come organize mine!)

Melissa Hawks: What types of things do you like from The Well Appointed House – or what would you suggest to friends? Are there any favorite products you have seen on the site?
Amy Feezor: I am a big Trina Turk and Jonathan Adler fan. I love that they’ve both got a graphic-edge with a gooey, preppy center. Their pieces are both classic and cool at the same time. If I had the space, here’s what would be filling up my home right now:

If you haven’t checked out Amy’s blog yet, please do.  She has great recipes, gift ideas and home decor posts that I think you’ll like!  In addition to working at Real Simple and writing her own blog, she is also a contributor to Herman Miller’s Blog Lifework.  She will also be a guest contributor to ours. (As I said, she stays busy!)  So, stay tuned, bookmark our blog, eagerly await future posts by Amy and be on the lookout for future features of Friends I Know and Like!  

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