Happy National Wear Your Lilly Day!

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Lilly Love and the first day of summer, Lilly Pulitzer announced it’s national Wear Your Lilly day!  By now most of you know the story of a young Manhattan socialite who moved to Palm Beach and started selling freshly squeezed juice as a hobby.  Her hobby soon interfered with her fashion tastes, as she continually stained her clothing while making juices.  To remedy this, she crafted her own brightly colored shift dress where spots would go undetected.  Shortly thereafter, this creative young lady named Lilly Pulitzer started selling more shifts than freshly squeezed citrus.

Today her devotees are honoring her by sporting their favorite signature print but you can bring a little Lilly out everyday by shopping our extensive Lilly Pulitzer gift and stationary section at The Well Appointed House! And to think, we thought this Monday was going to be tough to get through.

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