It’s All Greek To Me! Greek Key in Design

Although the Ides of March have come and gone there is one design motif that never goes out of style and that is Grecian Keys.  A Greek Key pattern is actually part of a meander, a decorative border constructed of lines to create a pattern.  In Greco-Roman times we see the Greek Key along columns and other architectural structures,  fashion and art.  This pattern has survived the fall of Rome and managed to remain on famous ruins.  It even made it through the eighties, so to say this design motif has stood the test of time would be a serious understatement. Here are some great examples of Greek Keys used in some inspiring interiors.

 From the rug above in the bedroom to the painted screen closing off the office, Jean Louis-Denoit brought some serious Grecian undertones to his Bridgehampton home.  Photographed for House Beautiful.

 Just as Caesar had the Greek Key around his robe, this homeowner has appointed their royal suite with the motif.  We love the way they coordinated the canopy’s liner with the black key design; it brings it all together and doesn’t make the head spin.

 In this eclectic space the meander’s strong lines add structure and stability to the design.

 The color in this room is so powerful and is the undeniable focal point of this room, but the slight Greek Key accent holds it own and breaks up all of the deep blue.

Whoever said the details are in the fabric is right. This chocolate and gold couch gets the royal treatment while the window treatments add drama and height to the space below.

 Below: A close up on the Greek Key trim
{Images: Fashionable Interiors, Decorative Deluxe  and House Beautiful}
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Sometimes a little bit of a good thing is all you need, which is why these subtle decorative hints go a long way when making a statement in your home’s decor. For even more design inspiration search “Greek Key” in the search engine of The Well Appointed House homepage.
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