KEP Designs and Lilly Pulitzer Stop The Rain For A Night Of Shopping + Interview With Designer Kelley King

It was anything but Palm Beach weather last night in New York City as a gaggle of Lilly lovers bared the rain to head out in support of the new collaboration between the Lilly Pulitzer and KEP Designs.  The night featured exclusive baubles made for Lilly by KEP as well as the designs that have put them on the map in addition to the new Lilly Summer 2010 collection and plenty of wine to make the shopping go down easier.

 KEP necklaces look just as amazing with a cotton sundress as they do with a tee shirt and jeans, or to add a pop of color to your all-black ensemble. The collaboration is quite a coup for owner Kelley King who fell into the company in 2001 by accident after her search for the perfect necklace led to her creating her own.  After receiving as much praise as she did orders, KEP was formed and since then our necks have never been as well accessorized.

 Some exclusive pieces for Lilly Pulitzer, which can be purchased at the Madison Avenue store through 8pm today.

 Their enamel earrings are affordable pieces that you can easily dress up or down, but of course it was the cascade, layered necklaces (pink far left and white in the middle) that got the most attention.

 The night wasn’t just about the gems; it seemed there were just as many Lilly bags as KEP bags leaving the store.  Pictured above are some of the original Lilly Pulitzer gifts we carry at The Well Appointed House.

 The collection of stationary and gifts are fun and fashionable goods, perfect for spicing up the mundane day to day to-do lists and coffee runs.  You can shop the complete line here but be sure to check out our Ultimate School Survival Gifts.  An exclusive combination to The Well Appointed House, they have everything you need for your fashionable undergrad to get off on the right foot.  Take a look at the packs:

 The Crabtastic set is pictured above, the Desert Tort is pictured below.  Photos copyright The Well Appointed House, LLC

What almost out-shined the clothing and jewelry was the decor inside the historic Upper East Side Townhouse.  It was the island lifestyle in the middle of Manhattan and on such a bleak night it was the perfect respite from the rain.

 This chandelier is killer! It made me think about our Coral Chandelier and how it might look doubly impressive hung in a pair.

For a more traditional look you might like our Gold and Coral Cove Chandelier with matching sconces.

 It was fun to see some of the pieces sold at The Well Appointed House, like this Set of Three Rectangular Nesting Tables.  The two smaller pieces were used in the sitting room as a coffee table, while the longer rectangular piece was used elsewhere in the store to display sweaters.

 Love the white lacquer mirror against the bright pink wall.

 Enjoying the event with friends. Emily on the right wears her favorite pair KEP Enamel Earrings.

 This dress was also getting a lot of attention from no one in particular.

 A peep at some of the inspiration boards proudly displayed on the first level.  The color stories depicted some Lilly icons from Lilly herself, to Jackie O and Angie Harmon.

 Shop versions of the classic decor accessories shown here with our Ceramic Elephant and Blue and White Temple Jar.

 Stairway to Heaven: The stairs leading up to the top floor are adorned with original prints and this fantastic lighting fixture, which bares a striking resemblance to our eco-friendly Bubbles Chandelier.

 Sometimes fashion and furnishings come together in the most obvious of ways!

 This was the most inspired idea I’ve seen in a while.  If it looks this great in a dressing room think about how amazing it would look in a child’s art room?!

 Some prints you might remember from current and past collections.

 The original art throughout the townhouse was really impressive. Everyone felt as though they were in a truly special space filled with history and artistic inspiration.

 Black and white doors, masterful crown moulding and skillfully executed window treatments makes it hard to focus on the dresses.

 There is nothing like a grand scale venetian mirror to really make a dramatic statement. Venetian mirrors seem to work in almost any type of decor and looks particularly stand out against the incredible hand painted mirror throughout the second story dressing rooms.  Check out our extensive collection of venetian mirrors here.

 The pink and white mural depicted famous New York scenes such as Magnolia Bakery and even Lady Liberty herself.

 Quite the monogrammed mantle piece! 
 Look what we found here! Our Love Birds!

Leave it to Lilly to brighten up the night!

I was lucky enough to get to chat with Kelley King about her influences, what working with Lilly is like and, of course, a little insight into her decorative desires. 
Gabrielle Katz: It must be so much fun to work with Lilly. Has the brand been an

influence in your design process previously?

Kelley King: Lilly has had a huge influence on KEP from the early days. From the beginning, I felt that KEP and Lilly where a natural fit. When I first started my business almost 10 years ago the Lilly Signature stores where one of the first groups of retailers that I got in touch with about KEP.  We had great success in the Signature stores from early on. In 2003, Lilly used my jewelry on their models in one of the catalogs and that generated a great response and demonstrated how well the KEP pieces go with the Lilly patterns. We were was also part of Lilly’s first, and to this point only, runway show at New York City¹s Fashion Week a few years ago. Working with Lilly is a lot of fun. After all, it¹s Lilly!

GK: How do the exclusive Lilly pieces differ from some KEP classics?

KK: We spent a lot of time looking at the Lilly Summer Collection and created new and fresh pieces that we knew would make fantastic accessories – a lot of hot pinks and corals to compliment the vintage

GK: What’s the one piece you wear time and time again?

KK: I can not choose just one but I will limit it to my top three! I wear the 14KG KEP Starfish earrings, the KEP gold bamboo bracelet, and the KEP Peruvian opal necklace. Oh, and of course, one more staple, the KEP COIN Pearls. The most frequently worn Lilly item in our house right now is probably the Lilly Bubbles worn by my 6 month old Maggie. She has 3 or 4 of them and they are so great for hot summer days. 
(Side note: This child is already destined for accessorized greatness). 

GK: How does, if at all, your design aesthetic as a Jewelry designer translate into your decor?

KK:  My jewelry and décor over lap in so many ways! I think that my love for color is very apparent in our apartment. I have always loved greens. In jewelry this comes out in my love of emeralds in a few of the KEP rings and in the oversized Kelly Green beads used in the KEP Classic Line. In our apartment, I don¹t think anyone could miss our green dining room complimented by white bamboo dining room chairs. Not to be too cliché but I do also have a thing for pink. When decorating my daughter’s room, I couldn’t see using any other color. It certainly looks like a little girls room. Pink Walls and the Serena & Lily Kate Crib Bedding Set. I have also always had a thing for the “Bamboo Look”. At the KEP New York Boutique, the mirror frames and chairs have elements of bamboo. As I mentioned, one of my favorite KEP pieces is the gold bamboo bracelet. And of course, the Boutique is panted pink. I love using pink stones in both the Classic pieces and many of new designs.

An what about her top Well Appointed House picks?
KK: I could choose about 50 items but my FAV top 3 — A Set of Three Stirrup Storage Boxes

The Regency Bamboo Bookcase in White


Thank you so much to Kelley for taking the time to answer our questions and of course to her, her team and everyone at Lilly for such a fun and colorful night! 

{Photos unless noted Gabrielle Katz for The Well Appointed House}

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