Pillow Fight!

We have an incredible range of products at The Well Appointed House from custom playhouses built for royalty to sheets so soft they make you feel like royalty, but of all our categories and goodies, the department that seems to get the most attention is our pillow section.  With styles that run the gamut of every taste, fabrication and color, it’s easy to see why these little decorative devils are so effective in making a room.

Hope Pillow – Available in Two Color Schemes
$380 – wellappointedhouse.com

Pink Fish Linen Pillow
$365 – wellappointedhouse.com

Peace Pillows
$315 – wellappointedhouse.com

WellAppointedHouse. Beige Animal Dot Stripe Pillow
$220 – wellappointedhouse.com

Bengal Tiger Black Pillow
$115 – wellappointedhouse.com

WellAppointedHouse. Crimson Greek Key PIllow
$80 – wellappointedhouse.com

Pink Floral in Beige Needlepoint Pillow
$70 – wellappointedhouse.com

Prince Charming Needlepoint Pillow
$68 – wellappointedhouse.com

Skull and Crossbones Hooked Pillow
$50 – wellappointedhouse.com

From cashmere to silk, aubusson to cotton and needlepoint to novelty, our extensive collection of decorative pillows will see that your room reaches its decorative potential. Throw pillows go a long way in bringing a room together, whether its by introducing new colors, picking up on other ones already in the space or introducing an element like chinoiserie styling. These pillows add personality to not only your room but your decorating sensibilities. If you want to switch up your room but don’t have the capital to do a massive overhaul, replacing your pillows is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to give your room the makeover it needs. Seasonally speaking, you can instantly style your room to reflect the weather or your mood and not put a major dent in your new wardrobe budget. Take a look below at how easy it is to bring a room from winter to summer with just some minor changes.

Just by switching up a tray or two and replacing the sheepskin pillows with colorful cotton ones this room goes from December to May.

At The Well Appointed House we are always excited by press, but we were particularly thrilled when People Style Watch featured our King and Queen of Spades pillows in their “what’s in” section.


Other best selling pillows include just about everything from our Trina Turk collection.  Fun and on trend, everyone wants a little piece from their favorite clothing designer.

If you are looking for something a little quirkier and off beat to bring some life to your room, we’ve recently acquired some fun, printed pillows to go along with your themed space or add some irony to your room’s decor. Take a look at some of our novelty pillows:

Whether you are planning on updating your child’s play room, in need of traditional pieces or looking for something to add some humor and make people smile, there is something for everyone in our pillow collection so when clicking around be sure to go with your gut and shop with ease knowing we will personally assist you in all of your decorating dilemmas.

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