Sally Singer Gets a New Job- We Hope She Doesn’t Get a New Apartment

Today it was announced that Sally Singer, fashion news and features editor at Vogue, has resigned and will become the new Editor and Chief of T Magazine.  The move fills the void left after Stefano Tonchi went to another Conde Nast publication, W, to become its captain. Singer, who fell into the fashion world on a “fluke” after leaving book publishing, has kept Vogue current by spotlighting female trailblazers such as Michelle Obama and supporting the publication’s online counterpart,  We are excited to see what she will do with the 15 issue-a-year T-Magazine, which spotlights all things fashion and design but for now we can only speculate and salivate over pictures of her Hotel Chelsea apartment as shot for The Selby.  The Hotel Chelsea is a brick and mortar legend in Manhattan.  Once home to Andy Warhol’s Factory, the hotel housed long term guests such as Bob Dylan, Eddie Sedgwick, Janis Joplin and perhaps most infamously, Sid Vicious, among others.  The Hotel still caters to some long term and relatively tamer residents, like Singer, but remains known as an icon for free thinking, creativity and experimental behavior.  Despite this heritage, Singer’s space remains entirely wholesome and cozy.

{Photo Gabrielle Katz}

 These days the only people hanging from the rafters are cut-outs of inspiring people famous for their good deeds rather than their partying ways.  This grown-up take on a large scale mobile is an innovative way to play with the light.

Along its famously steep stairway and in every room of the hotel there is a wide array of art, most from artists who have stayed in the hotel.

Sally Singer herself outside her apartment.

 Singer is a mother of three and wife to novelist John O’Neill.  Despite her fabulously fashionable job description, her home feels like just that, a home. Lived in, full of character and not immune to juice spills.

 Despite that lived-in feel, elements like this incredible chandelier and that fabulous antique mirror remind us of the hotel’s glamorous past.  Get the look with our Capiz Chandelier and our Tuscan Style Wall Mirror.

The space is filled with personal pictures and original art scattered throughout to go along with the “undone” look.  This artful arrangement looks fabulous with the silhouettes thrown in.  Get the look with your very own here.  

 Our new Comfy Classic Sofa would be perfect in this space.

 Cue the angels to sing AHHH!  This shoe closet tugs on our heart strings.  Now if we can only get into the dress section…

 It looks like all three kids share a room, which probably gets crazy, yet there is an old-school charm to mixing up bedding and letting the toy’s run free.

A brightly colored rug with a whimsical design is a perfect way to achieve this look.  This rug is a perfect example.
We wish Sally Singer the best of luck in her new role and can’t wait for the first issue! 
{All photos unless mentioned are from The Selby}
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