Trend Report: "I Can See Through You", Lucite and Acrylic

The summer time is the perfect time to show a little more skin, or in the case of this trend- all of it.  Lucite and acrylic have long been a favorite in the interior design world but now it is safe to say the fashion world just got schooled.  Take a look at some of our current transparent faves:

So how did this whole lucite trend get a resurgence? What’s old is new again with the revival of an old eighties standby. Paired with modern finishes and innovative styling, lucite and acrylic in the home is the “hautest” trend.

Lucite and lacquer? Decorative heaven.  Even with a zebra rug this room still has a homey, traditional feel with the baskets, upholstered armchair and great wooden bookshelves.

 Just a splash of lucite here looks great in this uber romantic and traditional space.

{Above Photos from House Beautiful}

 This substantial lucite coffee table contributes to the power and drama in the room above.


 Gossip Girl. A salacious plot and stunning interiors makes the series beyond shudder worthy. .  Park Avenue panache is personified in the Waldorf’s dinning room.  Upholstering your acrylic chairs allows you a chance to give it the trend your own spin.

Georgina Chapman’s apartment is a lesson in glamour, and what else would you expect from the Marchesa designer? Her lucite stool looks trey chic with her sheepskin rug.
Adding a cushion to these acrylic stools makes a very modern look feel all comfy-kitsch.  Now that you’ve seen the inspiration it’s time to get the look!  Get these stools, which are sold in sets of two.  Either leave as is or style with a custom cushion that matches your kitchen’s valence or overall scheme.
If you have your heart set on recreating all things Serena and Blair, then you’ll love our set of four acrylic arm chairs.

Set them around the table, use two in the living room, one in your dressing room, one in the office, no matter what your specific needs are you are sure to elevate your room’s decor, and not to mention, love the price! Same goes for the side chair version.
Acrylic is great for chairs but when it comes to surfaces, its always best to go with the real deal.  Made entirely of lucite and available in two different thicknesses, we are loving this Grace Key Lucite table.
If you want just a taste of the trend, like in the room shown above, then you’ll love this end table.
With two levels for storage and display surface.  It also alludes to the Greek Key pattern that is always in style, no matter the style of your room.  If your into making more of a statement with your lucite meet JG; she might just become your favorite coworker. 
With swooping sides, amble surface area and lots of style, the JG desk is a piece to build a room around.  Complete the vintage, power-girl look with our “Lucite” and Leather acrylic upholstered chair. 
Lucite transcends all design aesthetics.  Compliment your traditional decor, spice up your modern space or just switch out an old chair in your room; no matter what your tastes this trend brings a serious dose of glamour.  Be sure to check out our entire collection of acrylic and lucite pieces in our New Products section.
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