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Chairs, sofas, ottomans, stools, benches- seating is what anchors the room and makes guests feel welcome, comfortable and included. At The Well Appointed House we have been growing this staple of our furniture department in leaps and bounds and to celebrate our new amazing pieces we’ve decided to celebrate with 20% off sale. One of our new favorite chairs is without a doubt the Modern Ereo Aarino Ball Chair.

We love how this piece is contemporary but still accessible.  It would look as great in a funky loft space as it would a teen’s hang out area.  Available in red, white and gray lining, this comfy pod chair lends itself perfectly to any space a bold interiorista feels it’s needed.  For the budding interior designers out there we have also been on the prowl for unique children’s seating.
These adorable chairs are chic enough for mom and dad but the perfect size for the little ones.  And yes parents, all children’s chairs are on sale as well.

Cream and Brown Handspun Zebra Bench
$1,270 – wellappointedhouse.com

WellAppointedHouse. Leopard Faux Bamboo Ottoman
$1,330 – wellappointedhouse.com

Here is a random sampling of some of our new chairs and top picks, but you can shop our entire collection in our furniture department here. Don’t forget to use the code ChairSale2010 in the promo box at checkout and happy shopping! Follow us on twitter for future updates as this sale and others continue! -Gabrielle Katz, The Well Appointed House Blog

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