Tickled Pink with Lilly Pulitzer Party Goods

I was tickled pink earlier this year when we decided to carry the fabulous new line of Lilly Pulitzer party goods.   As you know from previous posts, we are big fans of Lilly.   There was no better time for me to try them out for myself than at my daughter’s fourth birthday party “playdate” last week.   I have long been a fan of Lilly, having grown up going down to Florida to visit grandparents as a child wearing my colorful Lilly and Florence Eiseman shifts, sporting whale belts, knot bracelets and carrying my pint-sized Bermuda bag!  My love of all things preppy started young and Lilly Pulitzer has been a brand of choice for me in dressing my own little girls in the Spring and Summer months.   I adore the bright, punchy colors and love the cuts of their girls dresses.  The beauty of their classic, A-line shifts is that girls really can get up to two years out of a dress, with the hem line looking fine on little legs both slightly below or above the knee.  They are comfortable, durable and as they served Lilly Pulitzer herself well at her own juice stand back in the 1960’s, they are perfect for active little girls who are playing outside, painting, drinking juice boxes and having snacks. A little spill here or there is hardly noticeable!  I have always enjoyed this brand and in fact, Lilly corporate in PA used to buy changing tables from The Well Appointed House for some of their stores.  I knew right away that we couldn’t go wrong carrying their new gift and paper products line.

For our Lilly soiree, I embraced the Palm Beach theme and encouraged my daughter’s friends to come wearing their favorite Lilly attire.  There couldn’t have been a cuter bunch of little girls darting across my lawn in shades of preppy pastels!  Some girls came in Lilly and others in their favorite pastel dresses by other companies and it was a great mix.

Last week was hot, with temperatures in our area topping the mid 90’s.  It was a small, afternoon gathering, with afternoon snacks and cake on our front porch followed with free play and of course swimming to cool off on bright green turtle and alligator floats in our pool…perfect for a Lilly party!
I hung our Lilly Pulitzer Party Pom Poms from the ceiling of our porch and sprinkled in a number of the Lilly Paper Lanterns for good measure.

I used an assortment of all of the Lilly paper products that I sell at The Well Appointed House, including the plates and napkins, the reusable tumblers in both patterns with drink umbrellas (the girls loved playing with these), the charming pinwheels, the guest crowns for all of the girls and the Princess Crown for the birthday girl, among other items.  A good friend of mine brought us the special Limited Edition Lilly Pulitzer Barnum’s Animal Crackers to put at the table, which were delightful and we love because they support the World Wildlife Fun!

  Here are a few pics (party photos Copyright The Well Appointed House and may not be used without permission):

Owner of The Well Appointed House, Melissa Hawks
Party playtime!

Lots of Lilly dresses!
The girls loved the Lilly Pulitzer Activity Books that we put out in the yard….

Even our youngest guests were adorned in classic Lilly prints!

If you are interested in throwing a Lilly themed party for your little girl, we have made it easy with our prepared party packs!  Check out our Lilly Pulitzer Later Gator Party Pack  and our Lilly Pulitzer Desert Tort Party Pack to take the stress out of party planning.  Throw in some good weather, a few fun dresses and a cake and you’ll be all set!  Check out our current Lilly collection and enjoy!

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  1. Wendy McCarthy

    I am in love with the Lilly Party. This is what I want for my granddaughters First Birthday. Please let me know where I can get everything!
    Thank you

  2. simone sellers

    I am looking for Lilly Pulitzer paper plates, napkins etc. for my daughters first birthday party. Where can I buy them??

  3. Donna Wilkocz

    Need to know where do I get Lilly Pulitzer. 60 birthday plates or any cute Lilly plates for my friends birthday party. Need to know soon if u could please.
    Post on Fb too

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