Lonny Magazine’s Latest Issue is Out!

I am still here enjoying time with my family on Nantucket, but nothing can keep me away from perusing the latest issue of Lonny Magazine.  I am assuming by now you are all familiar with Lonny –  since most of our followers love home decor, are very internet saavy (to have found us and be fans of The Well Appointed House), are extremely “in the know” and always on top of the latest trends….yes, of course we know you all say!!  Well, if by chance you are scratching your head and haven’t seen it yet, take a look here.  You won’t be disappointed if you are addicted to home decor and design magazines, as I am.

I was pleasantly surprised to see in their “We Went Mad For…Winning Wardrobes + Delightful Details = Stunning Storage ” pages that our French Armoire was featured.  Thank you, Michelle Adams and your team!  We here at The Well Appointed House are big fans of what you have created and I understand what it is to start a business from scratch!

If you like the armoire, you can read more and buy it here:

We have armoires in all different shapes, sizes, styles and finishes – so there is something for everyone.  Adults and children alike!
There are so many great spreads in this latest issue and I particularly enjoyed the feature on Cath Kidston’s historic Chiswick home.  Here are a few highlights from Lonny, but read the whole issue to see everything (photography by Patrick Cline with art direction on the spread by Michelle Adams):
(Photo: Lonny Magazine)
I have always been a big fan of mixing in a piece or two of Chinoiserie, which is why my retail site has one of the biggest collections of Chinoiserie pieces around.  Take a look here and “View All” if you are in the market for something.
(Photo: Lonny Magazine)
I love the red!  A bold paint choice and it is always nice to have contrast accessories such as the crisp, white orchid placed in front of the red paint.  It draws your eye.   If you like red, check out my Red Collection.
(Photo: Lonny Magazine)
This room has just about every color imaginable.  The colorful pillows are fun and bohemian and tone down the seriousness of the more formal couch.  There are some overstuffed pieces but the room is definitely not stuffy.  What fun! Check out our pillows if you want to refresh your seating areas.
(Photo: Lonny Magazine)
How can you not love this?
(Photo: Lonny Magazine)
This was one of my favorite photos.  I love the coral pink against the aqua blue.  The pink/coral really pops and the hand painted flowers are charming.  The color scheme of opposing hues reminds me of our Serena & Lily Eve bedding collection:
If love is on your mind as it is on Kidston’s, as shown here in one of her rooms, check out our LOVE pillow below:
(Photo: Lonny Magazine)
It is 100% cashmere and loads of fun…really, all you need is love!  Buy it here.
No matter how many times we see the faux zebra rugs, we still like them!  Get the look here.  Bamboo Chair + Zebra Rug + Hanging Mirrors = Eclectic Fun!
Buy a green bamboo chair at The Well Appointed House HERE
Buy a faux zebra rug HERE
…and check out our fabulous mirror collection HERE
Be sure to catch the latest issue of LONNY and happy shopping at The Well Appointed House!
Stay tuned for fabulous new finds from the NYIGF in our NEW ITEMS section!
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