Preppy Handbook Take Notice: The Nantucket Beach Cars

Nantucket is known for many things: The Juice Bar’s delicious ice cream, Nantucket Reds at the Toggery, Sailor’s Valentines made of shells, Scrimshaw made from whale teeth, Nantucket Baskets that women tote around town, and of course, incredibly preppy beach cars.  The island appears to be the heavenly hereafter for very old cars that receive a second life on the island.  Junk yard it’s not, rather these old cars get nice views, Sandy beaches and the love of families with plenty of money to keep them in good working order.  Not bad for these old classics!  Everywhere you look, preppies young and old are driving colorful old refurbished Defenders, Range Rovers, Wagoneers and Wranglers.  It was fitting to be on-island when I first saw Tommy Hilfiger’s fall 2010 campaign, which features a fictional Royal Tenenbaums-like family tailgating and drinking Bloody Mary’s out of an old Jeep Grand Wagoneer.  The campaign was photographed by Craig McDean and styled by Karl Templer.

(campaign photos from
Here are some fabulous beach cars that I photographed over the past few weeks in Nantucket.  Photos copyright Melissa Hawks, The Well Appointed House and are under the Creative Commons license.


This is our good friend Ben’s car parked on the beach where he was tailgating and relaxing on the beach last week with his wife and three little kids:

I loved the car, the dog and the license plate!

The Jack Wills car I photographed last summer.  I love the colors!
Here are some newer models which are just as fun!  Volkswagons and Minis are great beach cars as well!

I love the stripe

Don’t forget the beach chairs!
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