A Night to Remember: Dinner with Astronaut Buzz Aldrin

My husband and I and four families from Greenwich, CT had the honor to have dinner with astronaut Buzz Aldrin Wednesday night.  It was truly a night to remember.  Buzz and his daughter, Lisa, came in from California and spoke to the children of Greenwich Country Day School that afternoon and then our small group joined him for the evening for an intimate dinner.  Buzz was kind enough to spend time with our kids before the dinner and then we had an entire evening to talk to him about what it was like walking on the moon.  The whole evening was surreal.  I would have to say that it ranks as top five things I have or will have done in my life.  To be able to sit and listen to this man speak of his experience as a youth, through school leading up to his involvement with NASA and the space program, training for the mission and going to the moon was just mind boggling.  I held onto every word he said as he described in vivid detail the entire experience and answered questions until practically midnight.  His daughter, Lisa, was incredibly nice and we all enjoyed her company.  To sit across from a man who has stood on the moon and looked back at earth in a perspective none have seen was a once in a lifetime opportunity for all of us.   We asked him what words he first uttered when stepping out after Neil Armstrong and he said, “Magnificent Desolation”.  He spoke about needing to get some sleep that night on the moon and waking up to a rather unique situation and that was a story I think I’ll keep for myself.   The stories were ones I will never forget and being able to talk to him at great length about his thoughts on the possibilities for us on Mars and other interesting topics was amazing.  We talked about life and politics and presidents and countries and their space programs and, well…..wow!  It was truly an honor for all of us and he expressed his hope that our younger generations push to keep the space program alive.  I know that most of you are on this blog to read about home decor, home fashions and what we have going on at The Well Appointed House, and I try to share just little snippets of my personal life that might be somehow relevant (and this really isn’t!), but I wanted to share these photos of my family with such a special man.  He is an amazing soul who was so brave and did so much for all of humanity!

My girls with Greenwich Country Day School headmaster Adam Rhodie


My three kiddos and fellow astronauts

I just have to point out Buzz’s out of this world (non pun intended!) moon and stars ring, made of diamonds…
This guy is amazing!  Check out his website http://www.buzzaldrin.com.  He has a lot going on with a new iPod Application that you can download and other fabulous projects in the works!  Read about him!  Get your kids interested in space and the stars!  We need to keep the space program alive.  My father is a Ph.D. scientist and worked on the glass for the Hubble telescope and encouraged an early love of science in me from a very young age.  I had great appreciation for this opportunity.   Thank you to Buzz and all of the brave astronauts who went before and have come after!  On that note, if you and your family live in the NYC area and are interested in science, please join me at the American Museum of Natural History’s FAMILY PARTY Thursday October 19th from 5-7:30 pm.  I am a Chairman this year and I encourage all of you to come!
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