Fashion Week: The Lela Rose Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

Many of you read my post on attending Jason Wu’s fashion show Friday and I have really enjoyed receiving your comments.  Yesterday I attended Lela Rose’s show at Lincoln Center with my former assistant in tow.  I have to note that my oldest daughter’s birthday is this week, she turns five.  She cried when I came home from the Wu show (real tears) and was equally as upset when I left yesterday for the Lela Rose show.  She was upset that I wasn’t bringing her with me.  I explained to her that five year olds don’t go to fashion week and that there will be a time and a place for that many years down the road (I bit my tongue a few hours later when I saw tiny tots seated at the show…hmmmm)  This is a child who at age two stopped at a window in the Hamptons where she saw a pair of shoes I owned and pointed out to me that I had them at home in my closet.  She doesn’t miss a beat and I have to say that both of my little girls enjoyed having me come home with photos and video footage of the shows.  You wouldn’t believe their focus and interest!  They proceeded to stage their own fashion show complete with beach towels laid end-to-end on the floor creating a long runway on which they danced and twirled in fabulous tutus and costumes they had assembled themselves.   That was the highlight of my day!

Photos Copyright Melissa Hawks

Back to fashion week:  In her 2011 Spring/Summer collections,  Lela Rose made tribute to Lima, Peru through bold colors and patterns.  There were thirty six creations and here I have picked my eighteen favorites (Photos

Lela first came on my radar last year during Fashion’s Night Out in NYC.  She made an appearance at Bergdorfs and shortly thereafter, I bought one of her dresses.  Her show yesterday was great – there was a lot of grey and silver sprinkled with punchy Peruvian colors.   Here is the footage I shot of the finale.  The show had great energy – enjoy!

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