We are pleased to announce the winner of our latest blog giveway.  It is:

Pawley’s Island Posh

Please contact Customer Service to collect your gift card!  Congratulations!  Now for those of you who I can say are our loyal followers, my advice is to keep trying.  I plan to have many more giveaways coming up in the month of December.  More than usual, so please keep reading and keep posting!  I am happy to be back from a spectacular Thanksgiving celebration with my in-laws down in Virginia.  I am still thinking of all the incredible food we ate over the past few days and I am ready to start decorating for the Christmas holidays.  Somehow, between mouthfuls of turkey and pie, we were able to get up about sixty fabulous “New Items” Thanksgiving Day.  You can view them here.  Make your Christmas lists now and take advantage of the incredible sales we have been having lately.  Those of you who are past customers know that our sales are few and far between!  Enjoy great new umbrella stands and magazine racks!  -Melissa Hawks

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  1. Pawleys Island Posh

    I’m THRILLED to have won your giveaway! I sent an email to customer service this morning and can’t wait to hear back from them. There are so many great things I have no idea what to pick out!!!

    Thanks again

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