Christmas Cards and a Royal Christmas: Princess Diana & Prince Charles Holiday Cards

I really love checking the mail this time of year and seeing all of the fabulous holiday cards coming my way!  I have to say that we have some pretty good looking friends with some pretty cute kids and I thoroughly enjoy receiving all of the cards and hanging them up at home.  What a treat!  This year I strung some string between two windows in my kitchen and am using good old-fashioned clothes pins to hang the holiday cards as they arrive.  Here are some of what we have gotten so far and I think I’m going to have to add a few more lines of string since we are still a week and a half from Christmas!  (Nutcrackers are from my retail site, The Well Appointed House, and can be purchased there)
As you may recall, I wore the same dress to an event as Tina Fey earlier this year and it appears I have selected the same Christmas Card as one of our good friends (great minds think alike, as they say!  Mine is at right).  Hopefully I can get through 2011 without any similar “dupes”:
Well it’s all in good fun and it’s such a treasure to see that people take the time to do this!  In the spirit of Christmas and holiday cards and all of the recent media attention on Prince William’s engagement, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s holiday cards over the years:
This is an official royal Christmas card to “Tony” for their wedding year .

 This is an official royal Christmas card from the couple to a “Mr Murphy” which is signed by both. On the opposite page is a lovely studio portrait photograph of the couple with Prince William as a young baby.   Beautiful!   Here are some more and they don’t look much different from many of the cards I receive:

This Christmas card was written to the Greek Prince Nicholaus, dedicated ‘Nicholaus’, inscribed ‘With all good wishes for Christmas and the New Year’ and signed ‘and lots of love from godfather Charles’ by the Prince of Wales. The card has an insert colour photograph of Prince Charles with Princess Diana seated on a swing with a young Prince William on her lap.

 Adorable!   Here are some others:

A Christmas card sent to Simon (Barnes, 1990), inscribed and signed by the late Princess of Wales, ‘Simon, with love from the four of us, Diana’, on a folded white card with embossed royal crests to the front. The colour photograph opposite the printed Christmas greeting shows the royal couple with their two sons in long grey trousers and red jumpers grouped in a garden.

A 1992 Christmas card inscribed to Peter and signed by Diana, with a colour photograph of Prince William, Prince Harry, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugene.  They look like a perfectly normal family out having fun!
Absolutely charming and fun to look at!  I thought I would share these with you!
(Photo Credits: Google, Yahoo & Fraser Autographs and Melissa Hawks, The Well Appointed House)
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  1. Teresa at Splendid Sass

    Thank you for sharing! It is bittersweet to see these beautiful cards. Such a beautiful woman and her precious family.
    Love your card idea, and your Christmas cards are lovely. Melissa, you have your hands full.
    Have anice evening.

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