Don’t forget Pets this Christmas! Christmas Gifts for Dogs!

As you are going down your Christmas list and checking it twice, trying to figure out who has been naughty and nice, don’t forget your beloved pet!  I have a Cavalier King Charles (Sophie) and she gets right into the holiday spirit at our house.  We had a few friends over for cocktails a week ago and she was always perched ready and waiting wherever I had food, which in this case was a cocktail table that belonged to my Grandfather.  Here she is awaiting guests in our library.  She always adds to the ambiance and she’s always popular with our houseguests!

Here she is relaxing the next morning on her favorite spot on one of our couches!  As they say, “It’s a dog’s life”!  (Trivia: Ever wonder where that line came from?  It was a 1955 movie)

If you have a pampered pooch and are in the market for a brand new dog bed, here are some of our most popular dog beds. Most we can get to you if ordered today in time for Christmas.  The holiday cut off is here, so finalize your shopping today at The Well Appointed House and take advantage of our 20% off sale (coupon code is on our main page)

 Hamptons Stripe Dog Bed – Price Starting at $79.95
The Catalina Island Dog Bed, Starting at $100 and up…you order the bed and slipcover of your choice with additional waterproofing options.
Capistrano Dog Bed in Green (also available in brown).  Starting at $150
Chelsea Dog Bed Collection, Starting at $400
 Madison Wood Dog Bed Collection, Starting at $400
Just a few ideas for your pampered pet!  Happy Holidays!  There are many more fabulous pet items at The Well Appointed House.
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