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Since we did a blog post in March of 2010 on Tina Barney’s fabulous photographs for Tory Burch’s Spring 2010 look book, we have had a continual stream of visitors coming to our blog looking for more on Tina.  The entry, Tory Burch and Tina Barney: How Your Wardrobe Influences Your Decor has been viewed by thousands.  As we noted in that entry, The Museum of Contemporary Photography credits Barney for her ability to capture candid moments between “the lifestyles and relationships of her family and close friends, many of whom belong to the social elite of New York and New England.”  Since Tina is obviously still on the minds of many readers, we wanted to post a few more of her unique photos.   Here are a few fun ones!
Tina Barney for The New York Times – Photo of Allison Sarofim
Tina Barney for the New York Times, Photo of Heather Mnuchin surrounded by a collection of paintings by De Kooning 
Tina Barney for the New York Times, Photo of art dealer Christine Zehner, in her apartment surrounded by drawings by Simone Shubuck and photographs by Tim Davis.
Attorney Lisa Anastos, Founder of the Whitney Contemporaries.  Shown here with her “OK OK OK” bench by Robert Wilson and works by Robert Powers and Alexis Rockman behind her.  Photographed by Tina Barney.
We found images around the internet and many came from the Janet Borden gallery in NYC.  
Last Fall, from October 28 to December 18th, the gallery did an exhibition of color photographs called “The Players”.  You can read about it on her website and a book called “Players” will be published soon by Steidl!
Emily Bergly in Wendy Wasserstein’s Old Money.  Photo by Tina Barney.  
Photo from AMP Power blogspot – Tina Barney for Theory
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