Winner of $150 Gift Card to The Well Appointed House

Thank you again to all of our wonderful friends and followers.  I am so excited to be giving away a $150 gift card to The Well Appointed House.  It is just one way of saying thank you for supporting the blog, reading the articles and posting your comments!  I’ve been running the retail site and building the brand for almost ten years now and the blog has become such a fun addition to the well appointed house family.  There would be no purpose to this without some fabulous readers to inspire us!  So, with that said, I am pleased to announce that the winner is:


Congratulations!  Please email us to arrange for your gift card and happy shopping!  For the rest of you who were not winners this time, you can rest assured that there are some incredible product giveaways coming up.  This week, I’ll be giving away fabulous pillows, so make sure you are checking in daily!  If you haven’t subscribed to our feedburner, simply enter your email address in the box on the right side of this page.  It is a lot easier to get the emails in your inbox than having to login to your dashboard and seek out the entries.  You won’t miss out on giveaways and contests if you are receiving the feed.  Stay tuned for a fun-filled week. We have a guest blogger in the house and our fabulous Contributing Editor, Jenny Levin, won’t disappoint with some great stories and interviews this week!  Stay tuned!

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