Margaret Russell at the Helm Again: Architectural Digest

The web is abuzz today with the news that Margaret Russell is the new Editor in Chief of Architectural Digest.   I was pleasantly surprised when returning last night from drinks with friends at the top of the Standard Hotel in NYC to see the new issue in my mailbox.  I put it on the top of my pile of the latest issues of the shelter magazines that I plan to read over the weekend and today I couldn’t help but peek at the issue.

It looks like a new Age of Elegance is about to begin at the magazine, with Margaret detailing on the editor’s page the “renovation” she is embarking on with her debut March 2011 issue. In her own words, “Truth be told, even the most marvelous, exquisitely decorated house needs to be refreshed from time to time, which is exactly what our editors, art department, photographers, writers and I have been working on over the past two months”.

Photo Credit: Todd Heisler/The New York Times
Penelope Green did a fabulous write up in the New York Times on Margaret’s new post.  You can read it here.  Her office is being designed by none other than Michael Smith (President Obama’s decorator).  What’s on her mirrored desk you might ask? Well, Penelope did just that: purple peonies (lovely).

I have seen Margaret at various Elle Decor sponsored and young collectors events around Manhattan over the past few years and she herself is always impeccably dressed and has a classic personal style that we can  admire. She is usually seen in an uber-chic black knee-length ensemble, her waist always cinched to show off her athletically trim figure and she is inevitably wearing fabulous shoes.   I’ve often wondered her age, because she is always stunning….she is 52.  Lucky for us, there will be many years ahead of good things from Margaret Russell.  We have no doubt and can’t wait to see how Architectural Digest evolves!

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  1. The enchanted home

    There seems to be a lot of postive buzz about Margaret Russell coming aboard. Maybe she can help them resurrect Southern Accents..oh how I miss that magazine but AD is a close 2nd.
    Am new to blogging, glad I found you…..please visit me, started a blog about a month ago about the building of our new home and my passion for home design/decor.

    Hope you will stop by, I am new your newest follower and will be back!

  2. quintessence

    Totally agree – Margaret is always so chic in every photo I see. I am in shock at her age – of course thought she was much younger but thrilled to hear – gives her a great perspective. This has been the best thing to EVER happen to AD, which died a slow painful death. I haven’t seen the March issue yet but everyone has been giving it rave reviews – can’t wait to see for myself!

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