New Online Home Decor Magazine from Australia: Ivy and Piper

I was so excited to hear from our followers Melanie and Elizabeth, two interior designers from Australia who just launched a new online home decor magazine, Ivy and Piper.

The two women met at design school and discovered a shared passion for a vintage modern aesthetic and their collaboration has resulted in a fun, new magazine powered by
I was honored when they contacted me to ask if they could write about my Connecticut home in their “Love Issue”.  You can read the issue here and below is a preview of the article.
Congratulations to Melanie and Elizabeth!  You’ve got to read the issue, it is packed with fabulous photos!
-Melissa Hawks
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  1. The enchanted home

    na said…
    Wow Melissa..thanks for a wonderful post! Will be sure to check out their online magazine, they are popping up fast and furiuos..its the way of the future I guess, bittersweet as I am one who likes to hold something in my hands, and am a serial page ripper outer (new name I invented-LOL)
    Second,what a subject they landed..your house! Its just fabulous, the detailing, the color, the lines..fabulous. Then the backyard….dreamy! I love what you have done. It appears you have very much kept the integrity of the house intact but brought it up to date and made it feel fresh and alive and “now”. Job well done!
    Please stop by my blog for my first giveaway ever, its a goodie! Great post today.

  2. Amy R.

    Your home is just breathtaking. The grounds are just like a fairytale. I like the Ivy & Piper publication. Thanks so much for sharing and congrats on the feature.

  3. Mariska Meijers

    Hi Melissa, I already saw it as I am in the same issue :). Funny how small the world can be, first you sell my pillow collection through your webstore and next we are in the same magazine. Beautiful spread by the way and Melanie and Elizabeth are both talented warm haerthed girls!

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