Retraction! American designer is NOT selected for Prince William and Kate’s New Home

You’ve got to love a little drama in the design world…

I received a note in my inbox today from the Editor at Large that read “American designer selected for Royal couple’s first home“.  How could I not open this jewel of information?  It continued: It’s the job a million designers would kill for, and Kenneth Bordewick of Beverly Hills Luxury Interiors got it.

So, I clicked the link and there it was, the retraction.
So it appears that Kenneth and his luxury interiors will not be outfitting the royal love nest or at least this has not been confirmed.  But in case your interested check out his website.  I am sure this little snafu is generating him some nice buzz.

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  1. Karena

    Melissa, We will still be waited anxiously!! you are so right about the press for Keneth

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    Art by Karena

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