Thanks Martha Stewart! Starting Spring with our Flat House Birdhouse!

Check out the April 2011 issue of Martha Stewart Living to see our fabulous Flat House Bird House!

I love birds and I have birdhouses whimsically placed in trees on my property.  Place one within viewing distance of your kitchen sink or dining table to fully enjoy your feathered friends!  The Flat House retails for $250 and can be mounted on a tree, a wall, a fence or a post.  It is divided into five compartments and comes painted white.  Best of all, it is hand crafted by our friends in Maine of northern white cedar, one of nature’s most desirable woods!
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  1. quintessence

    Charming!! We have practically a ornithological convention in our backyard – from sparrows and finches to blue jays and cardinals to woodpeckers, doves and hawks – I love sitting in the kitchen and watching them at our bird feeders. When we are ready for another, I will most definitely be keeping this charmer in mind.


    I love birdhouses too, have several in my backyard and had the very rare opportunity of photographing a baby bird take off on it’s first flight last year. It was such a thrill!

    No one has more beautiful mag covers than Miss Martha! Isn’t that gorgeous?

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