Fashion: Christian Louboutin Files Suit Against Yves Saint Laurent Over Red Shoes

In fashion news today: Christian Louboutin has filed suit against Yves Saint Laurent Over Some Red Shoes.  The Telegraph explains:

Yves Saint Laurent’s spring 2011 collection features a pair of red suede shoes with matching red soles, which have prompted Louboutin to file court papers in New York suing them. The collection also features purple shoes with purple soles, navy with navy soles and green with green soles, but it’s the red soles that have sparked the legal action.

From YSL’s shoe collection.

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  1. Jessica

    So they weren’t allowed to make a red shoe with matching soles even though they did other colors with matching soles? Ridiculous. I think CL should focus its attention on counterfeit products instead – not a luxury brand that isn’t trying to knock off a CL.

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