Kate Middleton’s New Coat of Arms

Kate Middleton’s father, Michael, has commissioned a heraldic design to mark his daughter’s marriage to Prince William next week.  According to Thomas Woodcock, Garter Principal King of Arms, Kate’s new design features three acorn sprigs, one for each of the Middleton children, an idea suggested by Kate herself.  Thomas Woodcock assisted with the design and explained that the oak tree was a traditional symbol of England and an indigenous tree of west Berkshire, where the Middletons have lived for 30 years.  The gold chevron in the middle signifies Kate’s mother, Carole, whose maiden name was Goldsmith.  White chevronels symbolize peaks and mountains and the Middleton family’s love of the Lake District and skiing.   Technically, Miss Middleton could have been granted her own heraldic design, but her father wanted the whole family to be able to use it.  The tied ribbon at top shows that she is an unmarried woman.  The coat of arms will be used up until her wedding day next week, after which hers will be combined with William’s.

We have a number of different coats of arms in my family – on my mother’s side where our family tree goes up to the Stubberts and Towers of England – and from my husband’s family.  My husband is from the Carney family, and when we were married, his Mother gave us his family’s coat of arms.  We have that in our library – I just snapped a quick photo with my camera phone:

It’s fun to do family research and our family tree is on Ancestry.com – I am sure that many royal researchers have been keeping busy researching the Middleton tree to find some link to Prince William.  I’ll do another post on this in the next day or two, but according to my tree, I’m not related to royalty but I have some interesting “links”, per their tree relationship finder tools:
-Stephen Hopkins – Mayflower Passenger – 12th Great Grandfather
-Samuel Morse – American Inventor – 4th Cousin 6 times removed (wow)
-William Whipple – New Hampshire Representative – 3rd Cousin 8 Times removed
-John Hancock – Massachusetts Representative – 3rd Cousin 9 times removed
-Walt Disney – American Animator (my creative side?!) – 6th cousin 4th times removed
-Oliver Wendell Holmes – American Author – 5th Cousin 6 Times Removed
-Robert Goddard – American Inventor – 7th Cousin 3 Times Removed
-Elizabeth Kortright Monroe – First Lady – 5th Cousin 7 Times Removed
-Emily Dickenson – American Poet – 6th Cousin 5 Times Removed
-George Herbert Walker Bush – 41st President – 8th Cousin 2 Times Removed
-George Walker Bush – 9th Cousin 1 Times Removed
-E.E. Cummings – 8th Cousin 3 Times Removed
I along with extended family members spent years plugging in our family tree information when Ancestry.com first launched and have enjoyed being able to continue the research as time allows.  Basically, if you are of English/Irish descent you have a very high chance of being related to a lot of famous people here in the United States!  Families were large and grew quickly after the settlers came over and family trees branched out from there.  It’s a lot of fun to do the research.  I’ve even found that I am related to good friends of mine from college!  My family tree on my mother’s side is so huge that I could find relatives going back to 1512 (Lawrence Hutchison, Nottinghamshire, England), 1517 (Will Giles, Suffolk, England),  1521 (John Blake, Somerset England), 1525 Robert Fiske (Suffolk, England) -though that leaves out hundreds of people (I just looked as far back as the tree goes)

The logo of my retail website, The Well Appointed House, is a type of coat of arms.  I had a great time designing it with a good friend of mine ten years ago, when I was launching the website:

We designed it with butlers holding a crown over a shield symbolizing a well appointed home, complete with the front door to a house and keys.  If you enlarged the logo, you would even notice a small and welcoming doormat in front of the door.  Below it we put Hortus (Garden) and Domus (House/Home) flanking the centerpiece of the whole thing, Familia (Family).  My logo embodies everything we represent – having a well appointed house and home.  Congratulations to the Middletons on raising a daughter fit to be a Princess!  We’re all from mixed “stock” and it is refreshing to see this marriage taking place!  The bottom line is that a lot of us have some British in us and it’s a lot of fun to get caught up in the excitement and preparations for the royal wedding!
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  1. Hamptontoes

    Okay, this is such a fun post! What are you doing for the royal wedding? I’m having a Royal Wedding Celebration playdate with my 5 year old daughter and her little buddies!

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