Parenting: Great Book! Birdie’s Big Girl Shoes

As a mom who loves fashionable shoes with two little girls (ages 4 and 5) who love to raid my closet and try on those said shoes, I came across a delightful book which we read this evening.  It’s called Birdie’s Big Girl Shoes.  It’s a charming tale of a little girl named Birdie who can’t wait to be just like her mom.  I can relate to this since the other day my five year old started talking in a funny, adult way with an almost affected tone.  I asked her what she was doing and she said that, “she wanted to be just like me”.  As mom’s we have these moments, which are such fun!  It’s a delightful tale of a little girl wanting to be a fashionable grown up and since many of my readers are fashionable and have either neices, little sisters or daughters of their own…I figured I would post about the book here on the blog.

It’s no wonder I liked the book, because the author and illustrator is Sujean Rim.  She is the illustrator behind the popular DailyCandy website and is known for her signature watercolor art style.  Originally a shoe and accessory designer, Sujean has been commissioned for her illustrations by clients such as Tiffany & Co, Barneys and Target.  She’s designed numerous book covers and has illustrated two books by the editors of DailyCandy.

Great Birthday Gift Idea:  Pair this book with a fun pair of Toddler Girls Glitter Ballet Flats from Target ($12) and you’ve got a fabulous party gift for under $25!

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