Brides, Take Note! The Royal Wedding Cake!

It was announced back on March 27th that Prince William and Catherine had chosen Leicestershire based cake designer Fiona Cairns to create their wedding cake and the official photos of the sweet stunner have been released!

The cake was a multi-tiered traditional fruit cake which was decorated with cream and white icing.  It had a strong British floral theme.

Photos Copyright The British Monarchy

Fiona began making her confections 25 years ago at her own kitchen table and in 2001, the company moved out of their ‘garden’ and into a state of the art bakery in Leicestershire, in the heart of the English countryside.  She was trained as a graphic designer and pastry chef, which helps to explain how her cakes and cookies turn out to be so delightful in appearance. 

Her bakeshop now makes 27,000 fairy cakes a week!  Unbelievable and that number will no doubt go way up after making the royal wedding cake last week!

McVitie’s Cake Company made Prince William’s chocolate biscuit cake that was served at the Buckingham palace reception from a Royal family recipe.  McVitiei’s has been making cakes for the royal family going back to the marriage of His Majesty King George V to HM Queen Mary!  William’s cake reportedly took 35 lbs of chocolate and approximately 1,700 McVitie’s Rich Tea biscuits to create his “Groom’s Cake” (and we thought that was a Southern tradition!).

If you’re wondering if it might be possible to get your hands on the secret family, read this article for some clues!

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