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I’ve been seeing lot’s of the “Wag More, Bark Less” bumper stickers lately in my town – which aside from having the desired effect of reminding me to take more time to smell the roses, appreciate life and be a nice person — it has me thinking of, well, dogs!

Those of us who are pet owners know how meaningful having any pet can be and there’s a special kind of love that exists between a dog and his/her owner. It’s fun to take a look at how dogs have been depicted in print over the years. The photo above is from Town & Country Magazine and it’s fun to see these well bred dogs juxtaposed against fine furniture and rugs. There is no finer example of pampered pets than those owned by the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, whose pugs wore collars by Goyard and were sprayed by Miss Dior to keep them fragrant. They were routinely seated on the finest chintz covered chairs and the life of these dogs often left them in the company of the tastemakers of the day. As if that weren’t enough, these pugs lived amongst some of the most elegant and now treasured decorative objects in the world. No expense was spared in the care of these pets. (if only all people could be so lucky!)

Conde Nast published Dogs in Vogue: A Century of Canine Chic last year and it’s brimming with fashionable models and dogs shot for Vogue. It’s the perfect gift for a fashionable dog-lover and not a bad decorative accent as well!

Bridget Bardot started a foundation in France for the welfare and protection of animals and stylish women across the globe have been photographed with their canines:

We’ve been busy adding some fun and elegant new dog beds to the retail sister-site to this blog, The Well Appointed House. Here are a few of my personal favorites from our collection of new items:

We love the preppy blue and orange Winston Citrus Dog Bedand we love its price even more at $76!

If you’ve got a diva doggie who dreams about living the posh life of a pampered pooch in Malibu, get our Malibu Pink Winston Dog Bed

If you’ve got a classic British breed such as a Cavalier King Charles, try our classic beige Union Jack Dog Bed, $190

Lastly, check out our fabulous Ivory and Khaki Greek Key Dog Bed, $280. The Greek key pattern has been known to make decorators swoon, so be careful, it might have the same effect on your discerning pooch! Enjoy our entire collection of elegant “designer” dog beds!

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