Things we Love: Spring Scents

It’s hard to resist a beautiful perfume bottle, no matter what the fragrance. What looks prettier on your dressing room tray or bathroom counter than a petal pink spritzer of Creed Acqua Florentina? Or peony-pink Spring Flower?
Acqua Florentina
Spring Flower
2000 Fleurs
Not only does Creed produce a product that looks as good as it smells, the heritage of the legendary house of Creed gives it added allure. The company was founded in 1760 by James Henry Creed and has been passed down from father-to-son since then. The self-described “fragrance dynasty” has served 10 royal houses. Prince Charles is said to wear Green Irish Tweed.

While New York-founded fragrance brand Bond No. 9 doesn’t quite have the history of Creed, the bottles are also a thing of beauty. Each perfume is Manhattan-inspired, from the new grassy-scented High Line to the sultry Chinatown.

Madison Square Park
High Line
Bleeker Street
Bryant Park

So whether you are ready to switch up your signature scent for the new season, get a refill of your tried and true, or you just fall in love with the packaging, be sure to put these fragrant finds on display. Nothing prettifies a space like perfume.

Be sure you have the right accessories on which to properly display your aromas. A mirrored or porcelain tray is the perfect piece. Or better yet, maybe a whole new vanity is just the thing.

Botanica Rectangular Tray $110.00 (USD) excl tax
Rectangular Brass Vanity Tray $100.00 (USD) excl tax

Green Pastoral Rabbit Tray $146.00 (USD) excl tax

Paradise Tray with Handles $165.00 (USD) excl tax

Antiqued Gilda Mirrored Vanity Set $990.00 (USD) excl tax

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  1. The enchanted home

    Love Creed spring flower, one of my favorites and those beautiful little trays are so delicate and feminine. That mirrored vanity is fabulous……just dreamy every single item in the post.

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