Traveling in Style

Natalia Vodianova arriving in Nice, France

We all know traveling in style is not as easy as it sounds. Between lugging lots of luggage, getting through airport security, running to your gate and then sitting in a cramped plane seat for hours, chances of us arriving looking as good as we left are slim. But it is worth a try! And while we might not fly in private jets and get VIP treatment in an airport, we can take a little inspiration from these jet-setting celebs, like Natalia Vodianova and Beyonce Knowles, who recently travelled to France for the Cannes Film Festival. If there is ever a time to look chic while traveling, that would be it!


Pippa Middleton looked camera-ready when she was maneuvering around Madrid’s Barajas Airport recently after a vacation with friends.
Pippa Middleton
Elizabeth Hurley looks amazing after landing in Milan.
Elizabeth Hurley
Whether you are wearing jeans like Elizabeth and Natalia, or a dress like Beyonce, clearly having the right bag — a large but slightly structured carry-all like a Birkin — helps keep a polished and pulled-together look while navigating around the friendly skies. But looking fresh upon arrival also relies on what you pack in that bag. So, don’t leave home without a cashmere blanket, eye mask and toiletry bag (for your Evian mist, of course) — these simple creature comforts can mean the difference between looking shabby or chic when you touch down. 
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  1. pretty pink tulips

    I think you just feel better when you look better. So whether traveling by air or running errands in town….if I’ve put a little effort into getting dressed, you’ll always feel confident.

    These women all look amazing!!!
    xo Elizabeth

  2. quintessence

    I think the hardest part is walking the line between good looking and comfortable! And I always try to dress in layers since I seem to get so cold in the plane!! Beyonce looks amazing – love the classic navy tailoring!!

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