Laundry Rooms!

I’ll admit it, I love a charming laundry room!  There’s something about creating a feminine space for the dirtiest of jobs that I find appealing.  Almost a throw-back to the days of vintage washing machines and freshly cleaned laundry air-drying outside on a hot Summer day.  I love the whites, greens and yellows – colors that connote freshness and clarity – almost an earthiness….

In my last house, I decorated my laundry room in shades of green.  It was delightful space and made the task of washing, ironing and folding — as well as sewing buttons and hems and of course spot cleaning endless piles of my three children’s clothing, well – not so bad.  I have recent memories of the sweet “onesies”, baby bibs and hats which had just been washed with Dreft carefully clipped to my drying racks so they wouldn’t shrink any smaller than they already were.  If I didn’t know that for three years straight I had a newborn in the house (three kids born in 37 months), I could have fooled myself into thinking they were some little doll’s play outfits.  There was something inviting about that laundry room and the constant clean and warm smell it always had when I entered.  I think you’ll agree that the wallpaper had a sense of whimsy:

The grass-green Scalamandre paper (see photo above) had been around forever and was perfect for my young family.   The wallpaper was a geometric pattern of clothespins and the border had charming vignettes of clothes lines.  I had fun accessorizing and I wish I could find some old photos of the completed room.  I purchased laundry-inspired wall art that I sell at my retail site, The Well Appointed House, and did symmetrical groupings on the walls of the room.   The antiqued white frames and colors were perfect!   Click the boxes below if you are interested in purchasing them for yourself!

Laundry Room Wall Art

These are charming wall plaques that have a vintage feel and they retail for $45:

Laundry Room Plaques

Here are some other fun laundry rooms that I found that might inspire some ideas:

Photo: Ryan Benyl for Country Living
The imagination of this laundry room knows no bounds!  I would never think to repurpose an old doll house for use in storing laundry essentials!  Each room of the pint-sized house serves a “home keeping” purpose.   
Photo: Keith Scott Morton for Country Living
Why not use the laundry room for other things like cutting flowers, arts and crafts and more?  
Photo: Keith Scott Morton for Country Living
Leave it to Country Living to put forth some great ideas!  Space saving ideas like this one are key to families who want to optimize small laundry rooms.  
This is perhaps my favorite, done by Hampton Design:



 Here’s a funny quote on the topic of home-keeping:

My second favorite household chore is ironing.  
My first being hitting my head on the top bunk bed until I faint.  
-Erma Bombeck

Happy washing, folding and ironing!

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